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1 March 2016

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Research terminology is needed in the criminal justice field. A individual has to be able to understand the meanings of the words as well as knowing the concept of the meaning to be proficient in this field of work or career. If the terminology is misunderstood it may cause the case to have a negative outcome and a total new meaning or concept. Knowing the correct terminology for this field of criminal justice will be much easier if one knows what everyone is talking about when doing the research. It will go much smoother for everyone involved in doing the research if everyone is on the same page. It is like in any field for example in the health accept of when nurses and doctors are talking in the medical terminology a lot of individuals may not understand what they are saying because they do not know the medical terminology so they are lost. Sometimes an individual who is not familiar with medical terminology could interrupted the whole meaning wrong because they may not know just one word or the meaning. This could be crucial for it may be life or death in some cases. Criminal justice terminology is just as important for the reason that an individual may be misunderstood and it could cause the research to become negative for the lack of knowing the correct terminology. When an individual collects data they are collecting information whether it by direct observation which one will have to define what they are observing at the right times so one is observing what they need to. Then one has to record the observations in appropriate ways and organized so they will be useful to them when needed at the fullest potential of the observation. There are different ways to record and organize data it all depends on how the individual is planning on analyze and use it. One has to make sure that recording the data should be concurrent as soon as possible so nothing gets lost and one doesn’t forget the data they have collected. Gathering information from all sources and observations.

Photocopies of all the recording forms whether they are audio or video recordings as well as material that has been collected. (“Collecting and Analyzing Data”, 2011) One wants to do this so the wont forget all the data they have collected.. A spread sheet or chart may be used to analysis using numbers when you have quantitative information. Transcribing word-for-word of audio or video recordings. Data has to be organized to make it easier to work with. This will depend on the research design and evaluation questions. Two types of variables in research are independent variable which is the intervention of a condition implemented by research or community to see if this will be an improvement or a created change needs to implemented. When one analyzes data they are examine the information comparing it to groups to help draw some conclusions from the data. The key is to evaluate an accurate assessment with a better understanding of the overall situation. Two types of data quantitative is referred to the information that has been collected as or have been translated into numbers which then be displayed and analyzed mathematically. Qualitative data is information collected as a description, opinions or quotes or a interpretations. One cannot usually be able to reduced to numbers and this is considered to be more valuable information and more informative. (“Collecting and Analyzing Data”, 2011) The two will have to be analyzed differently quantitative and qualitative. Data that is quantitative are specific behaviors and conditions, skills, test scores, survey results. Reported behavior or outcomes to environmental conditions. Numbers and percentages of people that similar characteristic in a population. Examples: individuals diagnosed with diabetes, unemployed, Data that is qualitative may show you things that quantitative data can’t. It can reveal why certain methods are working or not working. It may show you patterns in behavior as well as physical and social environment. Informal evaluation involves some data collection and analysis. Data collection and sense making is critical initiative and its future success and it also has advantages.. The data will show if there is any significant change. Collecting and analyzing data will help you see if your intervention brought about the desired results. (“Collecting and Analyzing Data”, 2011) Significance has a specific meaning when one discusses statistics.

These results in the level of confidence one has in the answer that is received. Researchers generally do not consider a result significant unless it shows at least 95% it is correct. Which is called the .05 level of significance because there will be a 5% chance that it is wrong. You will get this result by using a mathematical formula a table or software that will have to be used to give you the level of significance. Data can be collected and evaluated once you know what you want to do your research about. One has to make sure that everyone is on board and the group will have different views in the research it may be a view that no one was thinking about different views can be helpful. Definition and description needs to be clear enough to enable observers that they can agree on what they are observing and the recorded data has to be reliable in the same way. Observers will have to recognize key behaviors and event. Recording data may include pencil and paper or a computer. Knowing the terms or terminology will be an asset when evaluating and analyzing the research studies or data, It will be faster and more accurate knowing what the terminology means and knowing how to record the evaluation as soon as possible so I don’t forget later will be an asset with my peers because we will be able to understand each other and we will know what has to be done in collecting the data, recording and evaluating it also. Recording the research and collecting the data or evaluating is crucial. It needs to accurate and well organized to be able to record it and analyze to resolve the problem.

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