Test Questions Political Science

In international power relations, the use of force refers to the process whereby military power is used to settle down international issues. This has been a long-term solution to issues of international concern as it is influential and brings about an enduring solution. On the other hand, exchange is a strategy that utilization of cultural exchange approaches to settle down international conflicts (Little, 2007). Exchange strategy profoundly serves as the best strategy as it uses peaceful mechanisms through considerations of the diverse nature of different international environments.

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Do you believe you are living in the cave described by Plato?

        In my own interpretation of my life and the era I am living in, I am certain that I am not living in the cave described by Plato. For instance, I am freed from the slavery of ignorance by education and my “mind’s eye” and my “sensual eyes” are open. This has impact in the current political scene as my impact can bring a positive or negative change in the politics of the land through education (Heidegger & Sadler, 2012).

Karl Marx’s definition of the classes under capitalism

        Karl Marx argued that the social relations of production indulge diverse classes. The Marxist concepts are very significant in the current world as they circuitously condemn capitalism, view classes as the engine for societal change as well as arguing that classes are defined by the ownership of property (Elster, 2006). As a matter of fact, the philosopher attributes people’s alienation to the created social classes. In addition, Marx claimed that a state could improve in relation to the available social, cultural and political structures.

Abortion and judicial decisions

        According to research, the issue of abortion is mostly discussed during the period of presidential campaigns (Tatalovich, 2007). However, the courts may decide to deliver their judgments in favor of the constitution or particular laws even if the ruling parties have a moral objection to the verdict. However, abortion may be significant if carried out in the right way, the right place as well as for a valid reason. To deliver a judgment in an event of moral objection, the Supreme Court should apply the laws and regulations the constitution.


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