The Analysis of “Hills Like White Elephants”

“Hills like White Elephants” is a masterpiece of Hemingway’s quick story. I benefit a lot after studying. Therefore, I wish to make a discourse analysis of this brief story from three dimensions, that’s, dialogue, symbolism and the thinking space for the readers. The story unfolds via dialogue. Language use of the dialogue is concise and vivid. An American and a lady order beer and have a talk in a train station bar. The girl remarks that the distant hills appear to be white elephants, but the man disagrees along with her.

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It begins to become apparent that the 2 are having some kind of disagreement.

However, the topic of the disagreement is hidden till the man says, “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig…. It’s not really an operation at all. ” As the scene progresses, it becomes clear that the girl is pregnant and the man needs her to have an abortion. On the floor, the man says repeatedly,” I don’t need you to do it should you don’t actually need to.

” But in fact, what he mentioned is opposite to his true inner thought. That’s to say, the man need to urge the woman to do it. This writing reveals the adverse side of the man’s character. The woman declines the proposal and let the man cease talking.

Otherwise, she goes to scream. She has her own concept that she needs the infant. She won’t give in to the man. Therefore, the dialogue portrays the two figures and makes a long-lasting impression on readers.

There is another writing ability within the story. Hemingway applies symbolism to represent something. For example, a white elephant means an expensive however ineffective thing or a heavy burden. It refers to the child inside the woman. The child is the disagreement between the man and the lady. Maybe the child is type of a burden on them. Similarly, licorice just isn’t only a kind of wine but in addition stands for the things you’ve waited so lengthy.

In the story, the woman says, “everything tastes of licorice. Especially all the issues you’ve waited so lengthy for, like absinthe . ” Once you get what you’ve waited so long, the issues may lose their appeal. These symbols make the readers have a better understanding of the story. The story brings the readers into the scene. There is perfect area permitting the reader to think about what have occurred between the man and the lady. The story opens with out the description about their relationship. It arouses the readers’ pursuits. Then we all know that they’re lovers.

At the ending of the story, the man asks, ”Do you’re feeling better? ” The woman responds,” There is nothing mistaken with me. I really feel fine. ” Naturally, the readers will be in a state of suspense. The open ending offers the readers an open house to participate. Simply put, “Hills Like White Elephant” is considered one of Hemingway’ s excellent short stories. The story provides us with a piece of wonderful image with condensed ink. As a trustworthy reader, I am curious concerning the ending. I hope the girl can resolve her personal fate and decline the abortion. Then the man and the woman will stay a happy life.

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