The anti-bacterial results of Plants

Ethanol is a dangerous liquid which is very flammable. To cut back the risk we want to take care and to not put it close to gas/ hearth and so on.

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If the petri dishes are taped to tightly then pathogenic micro organism (bacteria which cause illnesses) could be rising. To cease this we should only tape the perimeters to permit air in.

We ought to wash our hands after the experiment in case we now have picked up any dangerous bacteria.



Chiili has been prescribed asa cure for tummy upsets and so on.

for centurys. This is as a result of it has been foundtobe superb at stopping the bacteriawhich develop in the stomach.Hot meals with lots of chilli are ment to stop micro organism progress and have an extended sell by date. Chickens are being fed chilli so that the farmers don’t must pay for antibacterials.


Pepper has been discovered to cease the expansion of micro organism,fungi and mold. It has been used to deal with astma,diahooria,indigestion,fever and obestiy and lots of extra.

Black pepper is thought to stops intestal gasoline. It pepper has acids that may burn the growth of fungi and bacteria as a outcome of pepper contains a burning acid. Pepper additionally is a pure blood thinner.


We thought that the pepper, chili and control 2 (which contained ethanol) would have a clear area round it within the micro organism lawn as a end result of we believed from the analysis we did and the things we be taught in school that every one these three have antibacterial properties. However management 1 may have bacteria growing around it since it doesn’t have something to guard it from micro organism.


* Petri Dish

* Filter Paper Disks

* Forceps

* Plant Extracts

* Marker Pen

* Agar


Leave it in a warm place- it ought to be around 20- 25o C for 2-3 days. Look at your dish however do no open it!!


Diameter (mm)

Difference (mm)

Control 1

0mm 0mm

0mm 0mm

Control 2

7mm 10mm

1mm 4mm


8mm 16mm

2mm 10mm


7mm 11mm

1mm 5mm

Group 1 Group 2

Group 1 Group 2

From this graph we can conclude that our prediction was right because control 1, chili and pepper all had a transparent area around it.

Our outcomes show that each the plant extracts we tested have anti-bacterial properties which the place the identical as or greater than control 2.

Pepper was most efficient at stopping bacterial development as a result of each groups discovered that it left the widest clear space out of all of them- group 1’s pepper extract left an 8mm clear space and group 2’s left a 16mm clear area.

Other groups in our class did not get the same outcomes. This might have been as a end result of the added much less or extra of the extracts or because they petri dish was in a special temperature to ours or possibly their measurements weren’t right and so on.

We may enhance the method for this experiment to make the results extra comparable by making sure that we all take the identical amount of plant extract- maybe we may measure this and by inserting it in the identical temperature and so on.

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