The bad effects of technology

What are the bad effects of Technology? Technology emerged as an effective way of making things and work easier and faster.It emerged at peak of time when people were in the urge to make things much more comfortable.From generations to generations,human tried as much as possible to come out with certain way of making life easier.It started with the simple use if hunting a gathering when humans where using stones and sticks for hunting. Time after time, new ways of doing things kept on portruding.from then, it came to a time of using bows and arrows.from then, catapults and matchets.

Till this present generation that people use guns and other technological instruments. Notably, as the basic meaning of technology strikes, to make things easier and faster, this era of technological advancement that have been meant to be the best of time when people will enjoy the best of technology without haste has come to be the time when man is really suffering by the challenges of technology. Irespective of the great contributions that technology offer us, it also has made way to so many setback in our daily life activities. Moreover,technology has made possible setbacks afflicting us;political,social,economical ,psychological etc. Political

It terms of politics, technology appears a great cancer as it makes it possible fo other countries to counter attack the other and gain some pol influence on them.considering the issue of cyber surveillance ,some other highly developed countries tend to override other under developed countries’s critical information s witho the knowing.Other countries also attacks on other countries with misiles lik the nuclear weapons, jetfighters ,cannons, submarines, the war in Iraq,Afganistan etc. Social,

It terms of sici problem that technology has brought up in this era is the problems is security.Most people lack their proper safeguarding of the personal informations as some socia networking companies tes to sell out our data to a third party company for their own marketing demonstrations without our consent.Anythng could happen if this information gets in the wrng hands. Economical

This is one of the greatest platform where technology really affect our economy certain countries technology affects the economy very great as business managers or investors use technology in an unethical way there by attacking the critical informations of several countries or companies.Hackers get the chances of embarking phishing on several websites of ecommerce transactions. Psychological

Our mentality is changing rapidly without us knowing.our smart phones are taking the great spots of our books.We tend to spend longer durations with our phones rather than our books which could rather be more productive.WE somimes spend longer dutations on the pc’s which is not healthy. We even spend lesser durations with our friends and family but longer times with technoogy which inturn disrupts our relationships with others.W even sometimes cannot complete a full meal without tapping our also causes laziness among people.

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