The best way to deal with conflict is head on

The best way to deal with conflict is head-on, not by avoiding it There are times in conflict where one must tackle it head on to resolve it but there are other instances where approaching conflict upfront may be detrimental to the individual. When an individual actively engages in conflict there is an opportunity to resolve it as one’s views and values may change the opposition’s perspective on an issue. However, individuals or groups who engage in conflict may sometimes worsen the situation as divergent views and values may cause harm and suffering to those involved. The idea of avoiding conflict can be caused by a number of factors as some individuals may pride on being uninvolved whereas some may avoid disagreements due to a fear of health and safety. Sometimes avoiding disputes may be the correct way to deal with conflict but it is often not the case. Dealing with conflict by being involved is often the most methodical way to resolve an issue but there are instances where being engaged can be detrimental to an individual or group.

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Approaching conflict by being an active participant is one of many possible options to resolve conflict. There are many different ways to transcend conflict, for instance, unifying all combatants involved in a dispute. Even if brutality and suffering surrounds these groups, bringing them together as one can alleviate all the pain. The “Vocal Orchestra” in Paradise Road accentuates this idea as two groups consisting of differing cultures unite to listen to the calming music. The movie demonstrates many different types of conflict including conflict of war, culture, gender and history. Even with the vast amount of discrepancies between the women and the Japanese guards, Adrienne the conductor of the vocal orchestra discovers a way to move past all the savagery. This makes reference to the fact that conflict can be dealt “head-on”, which is a feasible way to resolve conflict.

By dealing with conflict at its crux, the impact an individual or group may have on another is truly substantial. By saying that dealing with conflict at the heart of it may have a big impact, it may not always be in a good way. Sometimes being involved in conflict may actually cause more harm than being uninvolved and this is most definitely not the best way to deal with conflict. There are certain times where one’s views and values cannot be affected during a dispute despite the many influences imposed upon the individual or group.

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