The Brain and Behavior Essay

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19 March 2016

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Did you know that there are four lobes that are within the brain that control the way our behavior is. The frontal lobe and the temporal lobe are the two that we are going to discuss and how they control our behavior. We will also look at what heredity has to do with our behavior and if the lobes were damaged what could the affects be. Broca’s and Wernicke’s had aphesis on the lobes.

The frontal lobe is associated with being able to have higher mental abilities and play a role in your sense of self. The frontal lobe is also responsible for the control of movement. The movement comes from the tissue of the rear of the frontal lobe it is called the primary motor area it directs the body’s muscles. The primary motor is one of three actions that the frontal lobe controls. The second one is the mirrors neurons these neurons become active when we perform action. The association area combines and processes information. If there were damage to the left hemisphere may suffer aphasia.

The temporal lobes are located on each side of the brain. These lobes are the direct reason why people can hear. Auditory information projects directly to the primary auditory are making it the main site where hearing first registers. The temporal lobe is also responsible for the language that is spoken. If it is damaged the result is a receptive or fluent aphasia.

Let’s talk about what is aphasia and why there are two different diagnoses one for the frontal lobe and one for the temporal lobe. The frontal lobe aphasia is related to Broca’s area, a speech center that is part of the left frontal association. If there were to be damage to the Broca’s area it would be very difficult for speech and writing to be done. Wernicke’s area lies on the left temporal lobe. This area is also the function as the language site which is where we get our language comprehension from.

Heredity and how we are raised and brought into this world has a lot to do with our behaviors and how we act as individuals. There are genes that are passed down from generation to generation anything from the color of their hair to blood type. It also has to do with the environment and if they are raised in a lower income surrounding that is where they will feel comfortable and if in higher income they will strive for that.

There are many different facets to the brain and the behavior of people and how they act is dependent on the brain and how the frontal and temporal lobes play in the behavior of people. The frontal lobe is responsible for the motor skills in our everyday functions. The temporal lobe is responsible for people being able to hear.

What we have learned is that the brain is linked to the behavior of human beings and how we get through the day. There are the facts of heredity with the environment, frontal lobe, temporal lobe, Broca’s area, and the Wernicke’s area that all have effects on the brain and the behavior of people. There are many other aspects that affect the behavior and the brain and how people act in their everyday lives.

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