The effects social media has on teenagers

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9 March 2016

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Argument 1

A new study released by researchers at The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine shows a link between social media use and poor academic performance illustrating that: Freshman women spend upwards of 12 hours a day using some form of social media, And nearly four in 10 college students said they could not go 10 minutes without checking one of their mobile devices meaning that when they are preparing for a test or completing homework, every 10 minutes they are stopping to check their model devices, resulting in them getting caught up in their social life’s rather than them putting all of their focus into their school assignments, Students try to multitask rather than just but their full attention into their assignments Since social media is still comparatively new, researchers are unable to know the long-term effects. However, if the effects of other entertainment are considered, such as the time spent watching TV. Studies show that it results in a negative impact on attention and academic performance. Resulting in a decrease in grades and learn to read late and slower.

Argument 2
If teenagers are used to only having to type the words that they want to say to the individuals, when they are face to face with them they will not be used to having to respond right away When they are in important life situations, such as a job interview they will not be able to seem as good of a candidate if they are unable to give good, solid answers on the spot as the Youtube video made by Ms. deGuzman called “I Forgot My Phone” suggested having all of these devices at are finger tips may actually cause us to feel more alone, unable to connect with people on are face to face way leading to us feeling like we never have really good company

Argument 3

Amanda Forest, a graduate student in the department of psychology at the University of Waterloo, has found that individuals with low self-esteem often express a lot of negative emotion on their face book profiles. Resulting in a number of people not reaction to well, making angry and hurtful comments. Overall not being as liked as the people with high self-esteems. This therefore, can further damage that individual’s perspective of themselves. Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills also found that preteens and teenagers using face book are more prone to anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders A team of researchers from Chicago University’s Booth Business School, led by Wilhelm Hofmann, have found that Face book and social media websites may be as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes. As people fear that they will miss out on the latest gossip of who is dating who and what party is going on that night. Oh and god forbid they miss the thousand selfie that their bff posed.

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