The Forgotten Group Member

Identify and summarize the stages of group development
According to the text, Christine and the group are in the stages of conflict as shown in figure 10.2, Antecedents, Felt conflict, Manifest conflict, Conflict resolution, and Conflict suppression. Professor Thiel assigns each group a task to be evaluated by their peers. Mike seems a little distant at the first meeting and never wanting to join the group. When Mike bumped into them at school having lunch, he would give them a vague look. They never spoke to him or the professor about this situation. Identify Key Problems

The primary problem for the group is their class members will be evaluating how they dealt with problem at hand and Mike isn’t making it any better by not cooperating or corresponding with the team. The secondary problem is Christine and the group is trying to deal with Mike without the Professor being involved. Christine and the team should have noticed how distant Mike was during the first meeting. They should have gone to Professor Thiel after he declined and came up with an excuse not to attend any meetings, knowing he would affect their overall grade. Given that there is no “one perfect solution” for this situation, identify, describe, and defend two possible solutions to the primary problem(s). The class was put into groups to complete a task which will be evaluated. Mike never wanted to participate in the group meetings; he gave Christine notes on their project. Everyone in their group was capable of carrying on without Mike. If they didn’t have his input and cooperation they were to discuss the matter with the professor. According to the text, Christine compromised with him, trying to get him to meet with the rest of the group. She done everything she could to empathize with him regarding his girlfriend.

Christine and the group should have gone to the professor about their problem first, now, if they were to handle this problem on their own. They should have voted on removing Mike from the team and continue on with their project. This would have been the answer or solution to their task at hand and possibly receives a good grade. Discuss whether Christine was an effective group leader in this case. Why or why not?

Christine could have been stricter toward Mike, being this was a class project and he had no regard for the next person. She should have brought this to the Professor’s attention and dismissed him. Christine should have given Mike certain tasks to do and have him to turn them to her or drop it off to one of the other team members, this would show that he was trying and putting out on his share of the work. Having him to complete these tasks possibly would bring him from being so distant from them. These tasks for Mike could work toward her advantage and she wouldn’t be up worrying.

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