The importance of breakfast

Young people particularly go throughout the day without eating breakfast. Believing it is not necessary, or excusing it due to their time schedule, most people begin their day lacking the required nutrients, minerals, and energy a good breakfast would provide. Students do not realize that by not eating breakfast they are risking their health and ability to learn. Every person needs a nutritious breakfast because of the benefits it provides them beginning their day, and the physical effects it has on them throughout it. By the time we wake up in the morning, our bodies need to break the long gap between our previous meal by eating breakfast. Breakfast renews the bodies’ energy which helps us get through the day. Skipping this meal commonly disrupts the learning process as it creates physical and psychological problems like; headaches, sleepiness, stomach pains, and muscle fatigue.

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These symptoms are highly likely to hinder a student’s overall learning process resulting in loss of concentration, irritability, and decreased grade levels. Students who eat breakfast on a regular basis may gain both physical and mental benefits that contribute to overall health and school performance. Eating breakfast helps students concentrate better throughout the school day often resulting in higher grade averages, and involvement within the school and peers. While providing glucose to your starved brain, breakfast is the simple secret to tweaking any person’s mood. Any person is sweeter and less moody when they’re not irritated by a growling stomach. Students who eat a balanced breakfast often maintain a healthy weight appose to people who skip breakfast. Eating a complete breakfast containing a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates helps keep an individual’s blood sugar levels steady for hours, making it easier to not over eating later in the day.

When you skip breakfast, you may feel hungrier in the afternoon making over eating a problem that can be hard to avoid. Eating a balanced breakfast can also help boost your mood. When you skip breakfast you might not feel up to anything that is mentally or physically strenuous, however eating breakfast causes a person to feel fresh, and energized. While eating any breakfast is better than not eating at all, a person’s mood can be changed entirely when they eat at the right time accompanied by healthier choices. Consuming complete breakfasts that contain a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are not only the healthier choices, but will also help a person avoid hunger for a longer period of time appose to a person that eats carbohydrate-only breakfasts.

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