The influence of modern Technology on man

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11 April 2016

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The influence of modern Technology on man

Technology is something that we use in our everyday lives. It is certainly not something we can’t do without but it makes the tasks we come across in our daily activities much easier. So as all things on planet earth, manmade or not each has its advantages and disadvantages but before I get into that there are a few questions u need to ask yourself. First of all, what is technology, and how does it affect not only us but the people around us and our environment. Technology

Over the twentieth century the use of the tern technology have increased to the point where it is encompassed in a number of classes. Technological objects: tools, machines, weapons, appliances and instruments 2) Knowledge; the know how behind technological innovation

3) Activities what people do (their skills routines methods) 4) Process: it begins with a need and ends with a success
5) Sociotechnical system: the manufacture and use of objects involving people and other objects in combination When people hear the word technology they think about the technologies people develop and use in their lives but it is best described as the purposeful application of knowledge, resources and experience to create processed products that satisfy the needs and wants of human beings in other words technology is the knowhow and creative process that may assist people to create and utilize tools, resources and systems to enhance control over the natural and made environment in an endeavor to improve the human condition. Communities determine the technology that is developed and how it is applied. People judge the desirability of technological applications by their impact on health, personal well- being and lifestyle, economies and ecosystems.

The impact technology has on our lives

The impact of technology on our lives
Technology, over the years has made drastic changes in society and not only society but the world and all things that inhabit it. These drastic changes have made life SERIOUSLY EASIER given the state man was in some centuries or decades back then, but as I said in the introduction “all things on earth man made or not has its advantages and its disadvantages,” such is technology, so here are some positive and inventive impacts technology has on man mans behavior and society and the way the society reacts to all this.

Positive impacts OF technology ON MAN AND SOCIETY
Firstly it helps allot in researches for medicine which is really important given that the aim of man for years has been to survive. Cars and means of transport in general have also evolved: they are now safer than years ago which is really positive (there are fewer accidents). Technology has also affected the economy which has at the same time improved. Then, computers and mobile phones, for example, have also helped to have a better communication between people (friends of other countries, family…etc).

Negative impacts that technology has on man and society

We depend on technology so much that it is becoming a problem because we are going to end up not knowing how to solve our problems without technology. Children for example spend too much time on computers and less time in studying or reading. And the things/websites that they go on are 99.99999 % of the time irrelevant to school life or it is not something that leads to a guaranteed feature of success, hence slowly but surely leading them astray Cars, planes, industries (which are part of technology) etc… Have helped us to have a better life but at the same time pollute the atmosphere which is a big problem to our earth. Powerful countries, are using technology to make dangerous guns as the nuclear bombs witch cause the death of millions per year even per month

World War 2

Fumes from cars
In conclusion, I can say that the impact of technology on our society has been a positive thing in general but now there is too much technology everywhere and in my opinion it has many disadvantages because man isn’t perfect which is understandable but in the modern society man has been making too many mistakes and has been taking advantage of the concept of technology and technology its self and as a result of this we are destroying ourselves without even realizing through our physical actions (our behavior) and even our mentality (state of mind) and eventually the world. As a wise man once said “it’s not the world but the people living in it,” I believe if man works hard enough there will be a better feature with less disadvantages than advantages and less disappointments than pleasure, and more wisdom than ignorance

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