The negative effects of being to dependt on technology

Today’s technology is more advanced and it may make your life more easier, but today im going to give you an insight on how being too dependent on technology has it negative effects on us as people in this world. When depending on technology it will give you negative effects toward your education, behavior, and economy. “People have become too dependent on technology. Many people now won’t go anywhere without their cell phone, or GPS or even their laptop computer. People today have forgotten how to spell correctly or do simple math” according to

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The negative effect on education by being too reliant on. Technology is relied on more and more, children today use digital communication instead of improving their writing skills. They don’t know how to write cursive, do proper grammar, and correct their spelling. People that want or feel like their cell phone or laptop is everything to them in other words its and addiction. It makes you lose track of what you’re supposed to do for instance you’re doing your homework but you keep checking your phone or laptop knowing you have to focus. According to 500 American student 73 percent said “they wouldn’t be able to study without technology”. And 38 percent couldn’t study without checking their phone or laptop.

On the other hand technology has a negative effect on behavior, lazy both physically and mentally. Physically when you’re too lazy to move because you’re so use to some type of technological equipment. And mentally because your brain become too lazy to think and less able to do critical thinking. . Automobiles make it less effort for people to move however, car accidents are responsible for more death than non-health related issue. Obesity and Physical Fitness is also a result children are overweight by 10percent because of their lack of exercise and spending countless of hours in front of the computer, or television. Instead of going out to ride a bike or play out door games. For example, I’m one of those people that depends on technology and I felled P.E. my first semester in high school because I rather txt, talk on the phone or be on Facebook.

Instead of doing what I was supposed to do in a result II failed P.E. but was giving an opportunities to take an online P.E. class and take this from me if you don’t want to sit at a computer all day of the week then I would suggest do our physical activities. \ Economic also have several different negative effects. It cost financial drain focusing small businesses to close because of machine technology are taking over. Not only can it put small businesses out of business it can also put big businesses because people look a technology as in it doesn’t take strike, you don’t have to pay them, and you don’t have to worry about a machine going on break. Its sound good but what happens if the machine break down you can’t fix it because the lack of education due to the fact you’d rather invest in technology instead of learning about the risks. The risk of it putting you and or your employees out of a job. Plus it cost those practice for the technology to be even used which the money is being waste instead of being put toward something more effective. With that in mind, let’s say all technology stops and your so depended on technology that you don’t know what to do.

From a simple tasked such as writing a paper without typing to knowing a problem right off the top of your head with looking it up. Or let’s say you’re a game freak what happen if all video games and television was gone what would you do with yourself? Go out and become crazy having mental problem, go out and do crime to relive your game or go on with your life. For example my sister dropped her phone and it broke she was said crying like a child but she 22 she thought her whole world end. I looked at her in disbelief thinking to myself is she really doing this over a phone but people today grown attracts to their technology they would freak out if it wasn’t around and that’s a bad thing to see. Generally speaking being too dependent on technology has it negative effects dealing with our education, behavior, and economy. It keeps you from focusing, makes you lazy, and putting people out of jobs. So, remember when depending on technology it will give you negative effects toward your writing and grammar, your physical and mental body, and small businesses. Everyone is depending on Google for everything and they are not referring to books.

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