The Other Side Of The Bridge

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3 October 2021

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This shows the extent the 2 girls in the house go to to wait on their ‘master’, Eddie, it also reveals the a lot admiration they present in the path of Eddie, being the only man in the house. This hierarchy system seems to utterly collapse when two new males enter the script, Marco and Rodolfo, with them comes a complete new code of conduct, a model new trendy, American way of life, Beatrice’s admiration in course of Eddie appears to fail, as she slips into this new fashionable and American way.

It just isn’t only Beatrice who’s proven to creep out of the Italian traditions, however Catherine also,

Catherine – “You like sugar? ” Rodolfo – “Sugar? Yes, I like sugar. ” This exhibits how Catherine has moved on from ‘serving’ Eddie, and now is serving another person. As quickly as Marco and Rodolfo enter the story they convey with them, together with their new period, fashionable lifestyle, some traits of the Italian lifestyle. Italian life is depicted to be about respect, life back in Italy is shown to the reader as a state of poverty, this proves to be a purpose why many Italians to migrate to America, life is a lot better, there’s work and where there’s work there’s pay.

“They eat the sunshine. ” This small metaphor appears to be fairly a powerful comment to the reader, not only does it make the reader notice the lack of food, nevertheless it reveals how they cope, as sunshine is a natural source, they might reside on it eternally, light can even, and often is seen as a metaphor for hope, is that this poverty stricken land going to break out of such a mess? The Italian way of life can additionally be depicted to be violent and brutal, “In my country he would be lifeless by now.

” This just goes to level out how the legislation in Italy is way cruder, as if it turns a blind eye to anything that shouldn’t be occurring, somewhat of corruptness. Compare this to the American, civilized and fashionable lifestyle. One of the primary causes for individuals from abroad to to migrate to America is their perception in the American dream; of equality, equal rights and most of all the prospect of labor. “Maybe a lawyer’s office, someplace in New York in considered one of them good buildings”

This reveals the simplicity of Eddie’s needs, the reality that he pays a lot interest into the small things, which appear to be so much for him, and that the small facet of the surroundings (“I certainly one of them good buildings”) ought to take such an effect on somebody. Rodolfo says, “I would begin to be something great right here. ” He thinks America can accomplish that much for someone similar to himself; it also reveals the simple and fundamental ideas of what the American lifestyle is like, he has very much high hopes, of what could probably be a catastrophe.

The character of Eddie, perceived at the beginning of the play as the pinnacle of the house, somebody who’s seemed as a lot as and admired, but soon the viewers is shown how weaker man he actually is, “Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a future. ” These few strains said by Alfieri simply present that Eddie has no real path in which to follow, he has nothing in life he seems onward to, therefore he picks up on and follows the smallest of issues. Eddie tries to hide this truth by appearing as if he’s something he isn’t, a a lot bigger man, and in some methods the reader feels that Eddie is fake.

Eddie lives by the normal, Italian way of life, the place he controls these he can, the females, and youthful, considerably like a coward, preying on those that can’t retaliate. Eddie, like Alfieri got here from Italy, and so has contact with ‘the other facet. ‘ Eddie’s hidden need fro Catherine turns into clearer because the play unravels, without complete conscience of his actions; Eddie is discovering ways to get rid of Marco and Rodolfo, the only two issues in his means. Alfieri tells Eddie that, “The regulation is not involved. ”

Eddie disregards this and places the welfare of Marco and Rodolfo in the hands of the regulation, he does this by contacting the Immigration Office, an act which in the Italian group would be considered an enormous mistake. Eddie seems to make himself consider that Rodolfo is gay, within the hope this can some how do away with him, “He aint right” Even the considered a homosexual in an Italian community can be thought-about a crime, and a disobeying of the Italian code of conduct, by Eddie repeatedly telling Rodolfo this; he tries to humiliate him in front of others, particularly the Italian neighborhood.

With no other selection Eddie speaks to his ‘contacts’ on the ‘other side’ and by doing this additionally crosses this metaphorical bridge, and by crossing this bridge he chooses to take the American means, and let the law takes its toll. After seeing the play one can see how completely different the two cultures are, the Italian traditional, and generally brutal way, and the American tradition, with equal rites and equal alternatives.

It is as if we are looking into the conflict of those two cultures from a viewpoint or on this case a bridge. As I mentioned earlier, Arthur Miller refers to Brooklyn Harbor because the ‘Wild West, a dessert past the law’. After seeing the play, one can perceive why he refers to the harbor in such a way, with two utterly totally different cultures clashing and in the long run canceling each other out, with such illegal activities occurring the harbor does seem to show into ‘a desert beyond the law’.

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