The Tobacco Industry

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10 April 2016

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The tobacco industry has been around longer than America has been a country. It is one the biggest industries in the entire world right now. However, according to the article on CQ researcher by Mary H Cooper, smoking has been declining. This started happening in the 1960’s when the surgeon general issued the first link to lung cancer and smoking. Nonetheless, even after this warning, about 23 percent of adults in America smoke cigarettes (Cooper). People still smoke cigarettes even though there are now many laws across the united states that either prohibit minors from smoking or prohibits smoking in certain areas such as restaurants, workplaces, social events, and schools. 23 percent of adults are struggling with the law and their peers to be able to sit back and light up whenever they please. Students at Paradise Valley Community College are constantly struggling for a quick smoke before or after class. With the new laws prohibiting smoking in place, there is virtually no loophole. However, there is an alternative. Electronic cigarettes are the most effective solution.

They are the most effective loopholes in the system because they are no laws prohibiting them anywhere, and they offer a better smoking experience than traditional cigarettes. People can use electronic cigarettes wherever they go. There is no law prohibiting their use anywhere including schools like PVCC. In fact, this is why many people have already started using electronic cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes. According to the article on the opposing viewpoints center, “e-cigs employ a miniature lithium battery that atomizes a liquid solution of nicotine released as vapor that looks like smoke but in chemical composition bears more in common with fog-machine fumes from a Hollywood movie set”(“Preface to ‘Should Smoking Alternatives Be Regulated?’.”). This article claims that there is none of that second hand smoke people get from traditional cigarettes. Students can finally enjoy a smoke at school in peace and they come in different flavors. They come in menthol, chocolate, lemonade and pretty much every flavor anyone can imagine. This is why electronic cigarettes are slowly replacing the real thing. According to an article on CQ researcher by Richard Worsnop about 80-90 percent of smokers started before they were 19 (Worsnop). At PVCC alone, about 34 percent of the population is 19 or younger (“About PVCC”).

Based on the headcount of PVCC (14,633), the percentage of people that are 19 and under, and how many people pick up smoking around this age; there are roughly 4,500 smokers at are school who are just 19 or under. This does not include all of the smokers at PVCC, the number of current smokers is far greater. Electronic cigarettes are the solution for this vast population of students and they can offer a better overall smoking experience. Electronic cigarettes are the start of something big, they are revolutionizing the way people smoke. According to the article on the opposing viewpoints center, one in five adults who smoke already use the electronic cigarette (Sabrina). But why are electronic cigarettes becoming so popular? Electronic cigarettes are meant for the younger generation of smokers, they offer many different flavors and have a thicker mist than regular cigarettes. “Blu cigs” is the biggest electronic cigarette company in the world right now because of their product produces a thick smoke and has a wide range of flavors. In addition, it has been accredited on “Fastcompany”, “Adweek”, and “The New York Times” (Electronic cigarettes | E Cigarettes | blu Cigs).

Companies like Blu cigs and many others are the reason that electronic cigarettes are taking over the smoking industry. However, there are many people opposed the use of electronic cigarettes. Many articles, researchers, and interviews suggest that smoking electronic cigarettes are not healthier and are still just as harmful as regular cigarettes. According to an article on opposing viewpoints by Michael Siegel said that he reviewed a report from Annals of Internal Medicine that publicly claimed that electronic cigarettes are just as dangerous as normal cigarettes. However, Seigel later claimed that using electronic cigarettes is actually much safer than regular smoking. In fact he claims that the level of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in electronic cigarettes is about 1,400 times lower in electronic than the amount in Malboros cigarettes. Seigal is a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health.

He is very familiar with the topic of tobacco and he finally states that there is no real evidence that suggests smoking electronic cigarettes are worse than normal cigarettes (Seigal). Electronic cigarettes are meant to be used as an alternative to cigarettes, most people do not care if they are healthier or not, however, they are healthier and they do offer a better offer a more fulf illing smoking experience. Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to the real thing for students at PVCC and people in general because unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere and offer a better smoking experience than traditional cigarettes. With the current laws affecting literally thousands of peoples’ life styles, people like the students that go to PVCC need to find smart alternatives to continue their current life styles.

This is an alternative that will not interfere with the people around them and an alternative that hovers above the law. Everyone deserves to be able to live their lives the way they want to. Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative because they do not affect anyone around them and have successfully broken through all of the laws forbidding smoking in certain areas. Our world is changing, however, the tools to adapt and overcome are here and they must be used in order for this to progress.

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