The Visitor

There was once a con man. Who ran away from home? His name was Jake the reason he ran away from home is because he wanted to find a new family. He went to the police station saying he escaped from a man’s house that had kidnapped him and he has been missing for a few years. He also mentions how he had no accesses to television or anything so he wasn’t sure how long he was missing for. He told the police “I found a broken window in the basement so I managed to sneak out and run as fast as I could”. The police than asked for that mans location. Jake than replied “I was running so fast I didn’t managed to get the man’s location”. He also says he’s from the states (even though he isn’t) and then he said to the police “I want to call my family unless they kept the same number” and how he will call them in the morning because the times are different over their the police than said” I think it’s better if you stay here over night so we can sort everything out in the morning” Jake really didn’t want to ring his actual parents. He wanted to go through the polices documents to look for every child that got kidnapped and find a kid he can pull off. After he gets home the family surprisingly accepted him.

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The cops, media than starts asking Jake questions “how was it like being kidnapped for 8 years” Jake do you remember at all what the man looks like”etc.. The police than asks for a DNA test to make sure that they are jakes family. The family than refuses they claim they are happy to find their son ad they just want everything to be back to normal. The reason to why they are actually denying the DNA test is because they actually killed their son so they actually know that visitor isn’t their real son but they accepted him so they can cover up their murder. After all that drama the police somehow find a DNA test and finds out that Jake is not their real kid the police than gets suspicious and thinks to why they would accept a kid that’s not even theirs they then start to investigate the 2 couples had no choice but to give up and tell them they killed their child. They then got arrested for kid slaughter for 33 years. The police than started to get suspicious about Jake. Jake had no choice but to tell them the truth the police let him off with a warning and returned him back to his real family and Jake learnt to never try something like that again.

The End.

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