The worst accident I have ever seen

On 12 July 2009 I witnessed a horrific car accident that I bet was the worst that ever occurred in Nelspruit. The day started normally. I was going to school, and ordinary men and women were commuting to their work place. The sun was at its brightest and everyone in the car was cheery. Traffic was not too bad either; it was in the right pace, not too slow and not too fast. I remember listening to the morning news on Five FM, the news reporter said: “Traffic in Southern Africa has been going just great for the past week,” Now when I look back, I cannot fathom how ironic that situation was. “No new surprises.” She then added On that particular day, instead of having a tiny chat with my sister, or a silly fight with my little brother, I was starring outside the car window, when suddenly I saw a black Toyota car spiral out of control, all I could hear was screeches and gasps! Mum quickly stopped her car; it was too dangerous to be driving in the middle of an accident. I saw a white female fiddle for her cell phone (I guess perhaps she was dialing the paramedics or something). I watched in awe as I saw the car flip upside down while a small figure then flew out of the car along with a broken car door!

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The worst part of this whole scenario was the fact that the passenger who flew out died within a matter of seconds after the whole tragedy. Bystanders crowded the dead body immediately, like a swarm of honey bees. Minutes later, people were not thinking of the late meeting they were heading to, or the petrol that they were shamelessly wasting. No, instead they were thinking of what could have caused this tragic accident. With a huge sigh of relief, the paramedics finally arrived and done what I believe would be their normal procedure. The cops were there too. They scouted the scene for any unusual evidence that they could find from the accident. I left the scene…

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