To encourage healthier eating

To encourage healthier eating, higher the taxes on junk food Although some people might say it’s unnecessary to have higher taxes on junk food, I strongly believe that it’s going to affect the processing of a human body because the amount of fat is going to be lower. First of all, people will spend less money on junk food and it will lead to people saving money, which they can later use to buy something useful. High prices will get people to think about their money. It could even teach young individuals to save money already from an earlier stage of their lives, which is helpful in many ways. Money is an issue for many middle class people and it wouldn’t be reasonable for them to spend much money on junk food when they don’t have plenty of money.

Once the prices are higher, people might think twice before paying that much money on something that is not going to help them with anything. Secondly, it would mean a great deal of improvement in a human body. Obesity is a big issue nowadays which even causes death for many people. If the prices were higher, people would buy less junk food which would mean that there will be less people suffering with heart diseases. Many fat people sometimes feel that they would love to be in shape so that they don’t have to be embarrassed in front of people.

Consuming less junk food would be the first step and it would get people to maybe go to the gym and get in shape. So higher prices wouldn’t just reduce heart diseases and such but also encourage people to get in shape. Some may say that it’s not going to have any affect and people will still buy junk food because they like to eat it. Those people should be replied with the fact that everything needs a chance to prove. Instead of having negative comments about it before it has even happened, they should think of what it could do if it really worked. Many lives would be saved and obviously money would be saved.