Top Ten Academic and Professional Integrity Elements That Are Most Important to You

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19 March 2016

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Do you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?
I found out that I have a growth mindset and probably like most people I feel that theirs always new information that I can learn and my education is never complete. My mindset says a lot about me and the reason I say that because look at me now I’m trying to further my education to a higher level by attending college. Although I’m going to college once I finish I fill that their still much to learn. I can be the most intelligent person in the world but if I fill that there is still room for growth then I will continue my education further. I love to work hard and give an assignment all the effort I can give, dedication, learning properly, and viewing mistakes as learning opportunities for growth learning primarily for myself. What surprised you me about the result is that most of the time I see myself as an failure but seeing that I like to learn from my mistakes and willing to work hard to achieve an goal I now see the I have an growth mindset.

I know I’m not lazy and I love to put effort into my work however sometimes I feel that I’m not putting enough effort into something like I suppose to. Maybe I’m being too harsh on myself and judging inaccurately on my capability of being successful. I feel that I need to be proud of the accomplishment that I achieve instead of worrying about my failure but for the most more I never give up and I love to learn and expand my brain as much as possible. The result matches how I see myself. I feel that I like to learn as much information about different things as possible. I notice myself switching majors a lot or taking different classes that have nothing to do with the major but I love being a well-rounded person. I love to learn about physical education, love to learn about hair, I love to do makeup, I have a bartending licenses, I love to learn different cooking styles etc. but whatever interests me I find a way to learn about it and apply it to my life. I’m just unhappy if I don’t learn a variety of information. I like to be unique and I love to learn.

If I could I would try to learn everything in this world have to offer. I know I’m crazy but I’m in love with information. My boyfriend says that I’m a very smart lady and he attracted to my smartness. He notices that I have an issue with learn so much material and wanting to know how to do everything in this world have to offer. He knows that I really, really, love to learn about physical education and how the bones work in the body. As you probably notice I love to work out and what it does to the body. I also like to learn about what is need in the body to be health. I love the sport world and my next achievement will be me getting a personal trainer certificate and makeup licenses. My mother also notice that I tend to try to learn everything and never know what I want to major in but me being an over achiever I would try to major in everything that I like.

What did you discover when you compared results? Bodily Kinesthetic I scored 100% Interpersonal I scored 94% and I tied with logical mathematical 75% and intrapersonal 75%. In kinesthic learning I scored 44, in auditory learning I scored 37 and in visual learning I scored 38. I notice I like to learn in all these areas I didn’t score to far apart from one another. Visual learning I love watching and observing people or my teacher I get an better understanding what needs to be done. Me being at a school where I can see the teacher everyday and look at the material that’s being explain I tend to learn better. However I scored a little low in visual learner because I’m not a good speller and I hate reading however it needs to be done. I know how I like to learn new information but hate reading. Learning something through audio and reading little passages I can do but reading long lanky pages with tons of information on both sides of the paper it’s very boring. Auditory learning: I love, love, love, listening to lectures and discussions.

I love listening because it’s way better than reading to me and I can always replay the lectures it’s doesn’t require a lot of work just listening and me with a family and other responsibility that need to be done in my house Auditory learning comes in handy . Kinesthetic learner is what I am and what I scored high in. I like to learn by doing myself and I do sometimes have a hard time with explaining assignment also I do sometimes have an hard time understanding what I needs to be done. I can read instructions all day long into its blue in my face but I still have a hard with completing the assignment correctly. I tend to find myself reading the instructions as I do the assignment and that sometimes tend to help me but most case I have to spend more than 8 hours on a project that I don’t understand. So me doing an assignment over and over again I will eventually learn how to do it correctly.

I love to type but can’t spell for nothing. I’m like most Kinesthetic learner I use spell check and grammar check a lot. Given your learning and personality styles and mindset identification, what success plans can you put in place to assist you during your academic journey? ENFJ my result are the following Extravert (11%) Intuitive (25%) Feeling (12%) Judging (78%) when I took this assessment I know I was in the right degree program. The assessment states that I have a slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion, moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing, slight preference of Feeling over Thinking and strong preference of Judging over Perceiving. I feel I took the test properly however I feel that I don’t manipulate others I do however believe in my dreams and love to help other. Some information of an ENFJ was spot on the reason why I say that because I am capable of judging properly. As and ENFJ we try to be in everybody needs and try to be dependable to others.

The test say I have great good interpersonal skills if I answer the test properly then in the near future I may put that skill to use. I probably already did in college but just never thought about it. The learning and personality styles and mindset identification learn in the segment that I plan to put in place to assist me during academic journey Is using the techniques from the information I learn and applying it to my studies at AIU. Seeing that I have trouble area in certain learning paths I will most definitely try to spend more time online and reading more to understand what needs to be done by me. I want to try to work on my weakest element of learner techniques by visiting the learning labs very often and staying focus of what needs to be done by me to succeed in college.

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