Two Different Countries

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21 March 2016

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Britain and china are both historical counties, therefore, there were many social change which caused by different reasons. However, even if those reasons were different, the results are the same which are these two countries made the some achieved. Britain is caused “the developed revolution” on the other hand, china developed due to “the reform and open policy.” This essay will illustrate the cause and consequently effects of rapid social change in Britain and china.

The technology and science are significant in the Britain. In 1765, the spinning jenny (Mary. B) was appeared in Britain, therefore, the first machines which can instead of the hand labour, after that since 1800, the Britain is the first country used the steam engine (Mary.B) which was improved by James Watt, these events start the Britain become the first industrial revolution country. Those things effect the some countries who studied the British way. There are European, America, Canada and Japan. Therefore, those countries rapid their social change quickly in technology and economic. The watt’s contributed not only in the steam engine, but also to invent the barometer which is benefit for the second times industrial revolution. Moreover, the industrial revolution started in to Britain created by new technology and made UK pay attention on industrial.

The rapid of social change in china is due to the political changes, because Chairman Mao holds the Seclusion the door which is means limited foreign trade and maritime industry. This cause led the china in past time was poor and stopped social development. After that, in 1978, Deng Xiaoping put forward the “reform and open policy “(Zhang.TY, 2009), in this times, Deng used the developed country’s technology to improve the market system and economic development, make the china have an international trend. No more time, the amazing that china becomes the GDP country in the top2 of the world. Therefore, this political change make china from the poor society to affluent society, it is means Chinese can have a comfortable level of living.

Comparing the china and UK, they both have some similar and different points. In the past time, china used the food stamp (ROAP) to exchange the food; the Britain had the ration book (Mandy, B,1930) that if someone who wants to get the food, their name must show in the book. These two case shows that in the past time was no more food can support the people , therefore, government put the this two way made some people can have food. Moreover, it is shows that government is more power can control in the past time.

China and Britain both have stronger government, therefore, government used this way to that people can’t have enough food so that to promote people want to development the technology to produce the food and agriculture. In addition, it is can make the people to cooperation, because in Britain, people who have name in ration book, someone no have, maybe the no food people will get some value to exchange the food, therefore, it is become the teamwork, if a country have a good cooperation , the economic will developed together and easy got the achieve. On the other hand, some poor country why can’t development, because they don’t like team work, like isolate, this country maybe become the poor people more poor, rich people difficult to continue rich. This situation shows the society can’t rapid change higher standard of living. However, china and UK both are stronger in cooperation so that the technology and economic will increase quickly in this two country.

UK and china not only cooperation by itself, these two country always have team work which is have a trade between this two country. As we know that china is the bigger industrial country and UK is a bigger investment country, due to they are cooperation so that they were open the door to accept each other and begin communication. In the communication with china and UK, the rapid of social change effects is by the internet, transport and education. Internet make this two country can sent the message as soon as to receive it; the transport is too convenience, in the past time, Marco polo (Amber, E, S, 1997) travel around the china used the 17 years, nowadays, we only used 30 days by airplane; education also change a lot, in the past time, Chinese education is feudal, Man is superior to woman and woman no have power, such as limited to outside and must take care the children in the home. Because Deng Xiaoping have been go abroad, therefore, he used the reform and open policy to change people’s live, it is means the foreigner education is more worthwhile that people to study, due to rapid social change, the economic growth quickly that more and more Chinese students go abroad to learn the new knowledge and turn back to development the china and share the education make the social change become the Everyone is equal thinking and plan the development.

In the conclusion, UK and china are similar to economic growth quickly when they change the policy; both of them focus on the technology, when they change the policy, the technology developed quickly of each country. The trade of Britain and china was play the cooperation role, not only developed by itself and developed together, such as in education, in technology and in the policy. All this things due to they are have the good policy, UK is used the industrial revolution, china is used the reform and open policy. Each policy make these two country become high level live and higher economic country that rapid the social change.


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