Understand a Diary System

Using a diary System allows me to keep on track of everything I need to do and allows me to be more organised. Also by using a diary system I will be able to know what is going to happen at a specific time even if I planned it well in advance. Using a diary system also allows my colleagues to know what I am doing or what is going to happen at that time or day. The purpose of me using a diary system is to be organised and to ensure everything is going to happen on time.

1.2 Describe different types of diary systems.

There are different types of diary systems that I use when working to keep on top of my day to day job life. For example I have my electronic diary which I use through out look which I can set to remind 5-10 minutes before the event starts, with this electronic diary I can invite people to attend so they then share my events in my diary so they know what I’m doing. Also I use a diary book which I can wright to remind me for upcoming events on that day. My diary is a day to day page diary which allows me to make comments and leave notes so I can either look back at and remind myself of previous things I have done, or I can make notes and comments for upcoming days to help me remember about things I would need to do.

This diary I feel is quick and easy to use and read so it helps me out to organise everything efficiently and helps if I am in a rush. Also another type of diary system I use is out office white board diary. This diary is easy and helps everyone in the office know about our upcoming days and events this helps the recourses as our work line is quick and fast pace, it is easy for them to look at while being on the phone or looking at there screens. It is my responsibility to keep this white board up to date. This white board is specifically for knowing upcoming assessment days or client interviews. Our other whiteboard diary that we use is for our graduate’s interviews and times and dates of which companies they are going to interview with. This helps our company manager to see what times the companies will be in a interview.

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