Understanding Safeguarding of Children and Young People

Understanding safeguarding of children and young people
( for those working in the adult sector )

Some of the Policies and procedures along with practices include :

The Children Act 1989 allocated duties to local authorities, courts, parents and other agencies in the United Kingdom, to ensure children are safeguarded and their welfare is promoted. Its focus is on the idea that children are best cared for within their own families; however, it also makes provisions for instances when parents and families do not co-operate with statutory bodies. This act enhanced in 2004.

Every Child Matters : (ECM) The government put this in to place in 2003 , This covers all children , young people up to the age of 19 years old , and young people up to the age of 24 with disabilities and led to changes to ‘ The Children Act 2004 this act identifies and places a responsibility on child practitioners to work together to help a child meet the following five priority outcomes: (1)Be healthy (2) stay safe (3) enjoy and achieve (4) make a positive contribution and (5) well-being. To achieve this aim emphasis is on adopting a holistic approach to identifying the child’s needs at an early stage and working with the family and other agencies to identify ways of meeting their needs.

Practitioners are also expected to agree between them who is the best person to ‘lead the support’ being given to an individual child at any one point in time. This could change depending on the individual child needs. The government state that all parties working with children should use a common format to assess the needs of individual child who are at risk or vulnerable in one way or another .

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