University Life

College right after High School

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Just graduating high school I had a huge and adult like decision ahead of me. I was so focused and hanging out and cruising around blast music and swimming at the lake all summer school or work never crossed my mind. If I liked it or not my summer was ending and everyone else had a plan but me.

I finally chose school but what school did I want to go to Weber State was close to home but did I want to go to school by home? I wanted to explore and go somewhere adventurous. The reason I wanted to go to college was because my grandma took pride in telling everyone I was the first one out of 32 grandkids to graduate high school.

I wanted to go to school not be better than anyone in my family but because I wanted to push myself to the max. My first day of college was crazy so many people and old friends and so much freedom compared to high school no one cared if you went to class or not or even turned in your homework. You made your own life in college and determined how much you wanted to succeed.

I though as long as I went to college I can take any class I wanted to. Was I wrong taking AP chemistry in high school I thought I could take 2010 chemistry with a lab in college? I never in my life thought I would study for 24 hours in one week for just one class.

In conclusion my thoughts on college are no matter what education is the best thing you can have. Some people learn better than others. Di also think you should do too much because we have a life and we need to live it.

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