Violence against women

Doctors have a big role on violence against women. For example; women are afraid of their husbands and they don’t tell the truth to the doctors. They lie about their injuries. How does the process work in Turkey? The cause of the injuries can be understood by the doctor in the emergency services and the other branches which the victims call upon. The experienced doctors have some methods to determine whether the injury is caused by pounding or a accident. The doctors have a huge role because women are afraid to tell that they are being pounded. However if the victims trust their doctors, they feel much more free to tell their problems. This is valid for all of the doctors but it is more important for the psychiatrist because getting beated is shameful and women are afraid of being isolated from the society. In our society there is a understanding that what happens in the family stays in the family. Therefore even the polices are afraid to interfere.

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The families hesitate to externalize it because they are afraid of bad reputations. They don’t want to dechiper it. Violence has a contagious side so it is cover by the families to stop it for getting serious. When it is covered, the perpetrators don’t understand the power of the victims. Violence is a act that is applied by the stonger ones to the weaker ones. To feel the weaknesness and the desperation of the weaker ones, provokes the violence. Actually it is a though situation for the perpetrators too. The perpetrator should be examined because getting some help can relax them. For example, a girl and a boy’s mother is being exposed to violence by their father,how does the situation affect the children?

It affects them differently. First of when it is examined, it is seen that the perpetrator had eaxposed to violence in the past. For some cases, the perpetrator identifies with their perpetrators. However for some cases, it damages the witness and cause depression and anxiety. Or it causes not physical violence but verbal violence.For example insulting.It is much more difficult to treath.

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