Violent video game should be banned

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1 March 2016

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Introduction: Edward Snowden was born in America. The place of his birth was in North Carolina he was born in 1983. He worked in a company named national security agency. His mother worked for the federal court. Snowden father was a former coast guard in Pennsylvania. He was subcontracted under the owner named Booz Allen. Within three month Edward planned on collecting the NSA secret document that was practiced by them very secretly. These documents were made by the owner and was very disturbing and against the community. When Snowden fled to Hong Kong via china then he gave all the documents to media. The media started to publish in the newspaper that people in America were unaware about the fact that they were being monitored without their permission. The detail of the fact stated that United States was spying on people. So this reveals even innocent people can get convicted in the recorded videos. Most countries in Asia supported his bravery and declared that he saved people life. Snowden was dropped out of school and then he began to study computer related courses in community college starting from 2004 to 2005. Later he earned his GED. Snowden also went to army training for four months he did not quite succeed. Instead the load was so heavy for him that he injured his leg and was disqualified for the position. Two years after leaving his college he decided to join NSA. While working with the CIA Snowden noticed all the government programs including all the recorded telephone call via internet use.

He earned 200000 a year. Snowden began copying the NSA documents that was secret. The document contained vast amount of information that revealed that millions of peoples activities were recorded under an umbrella named prism. When Snowden had finished collecting all the documents Snowden told his supervisor that he needs to leave. He needs to get diagnosed. Then he left Hawaii. The United Kingdom guardian newspaper also revealed the information’s regarding the prism surveillance. The purpose of Snowden to reveal the hidden secret was because he valued human rights more than his life. He stated that if this secret information was not revealed than the USA government would take advantage of destroying privacy of people around the world. And these built in hidden machines would remain unknown to people. Now since the information has been disclosed to the public it is their decision to make the change in the society.­­­­­­ The USA federal government charged Snowden with the theft of government documents and requested him to get back to USA and face the charges.

Snowden applied asylum in Russia. Venezuela also offered Snowden asylum. Snowden shows more interest in staying in Russia and later will also apply for Russian citizenship. Snowden thanked Russia for granting him asylum. In October Snowden replied to USA that he had given all the hidden documents while he was in an interview with the journalist. Snowden did not personally kept any documents in his possession. Some critiques say that he just revealed information he did not offended any crime. The society was able to know that the NSA collected all the information from public. NSA used this information to analyse the behaviour of the society and the hidden things that are being done by the individuals in the society. Since this information is known to public it will not be quite east for the NSA to collect detailed information in the future. So form the information it determines that most people will do things in very sensitivity. Rationalization and influencing factors: Snowden’s publications have disclosed enormous surveillance. Snowden used all his efforts to publish at its maximum. The world is still shocked for the fact that injustice constitutional act was used on innocent people.

It was also an international violation as well as democratic violation. This recent leaked information of Snowden tells the world that the USA is not concern about privacy. So it seems that USA is not only tapping its own country it is also recording other countries information. So these scandals can create a misunderstanding relation with foreign nations. Ethics:Edward Snowden, the man who turned whistleblower against the National Security Agency (NSA) and revealed how the NSA was spying on pretty much every Internet company in the world, learned his hacking skills in India, claims a Times of India report. The TOI report that Snowden has spent a week in Delhi training in core java program and advance ethical training and hacking and this training got him certified as ec council certified specialist. Edward Snowden broke the law by releasing classified information. This isn’t under debate; it’s something everyone with a security clearance knows. It’s clear that some of the NSA programs exposed by Snowden violate the Constitution and others violate existing laws.

Other people have an opposite view. The courts need to decide. Keeping things secret from the people is a very dangerous practice in a democracy, and the government is permitted to do so only under very specific circumstances. We have whistle-blower protection laws that apply in some cases, particularly when exposing fraud, and other illegal behavior. NSA officials have repeatedly lied about the existence, and details, of these programs to Congress. His whistle-blowing exposed a surveillance state and a secrecy machine run amok. It’s less optimistic of how the present day will treat him, and hope that the debate right now is less about the man and more about the government he exposed. Whistle blower: He acknowledged that data collection is important for both national security and business that operate in a free market online. It’s how the government or companies use the data that’s the problem.

When Snowden leaked information about technology companies including Google and Facebook, it brought up the question of whether voluntarily giving your data to companies to use for advertising is just as bad as the government itself collecting it. Both Google and Facebook use people’s data to sell them advertisements by scraping and indexing keywords that appear in searches and conversation. It’s similar to blanket NSA surveillance that collects data from citizens. The Snowden documents continue to reveal that the U.S. government has elevated offensive operations, like spying on citizens both at home and abroad, instead of defensive operations that protect intellectual property and communications of our own. So much of our country’s economic success is based on our intellectual property, and our ability to create and share and compete, Snowden said. America has more to lose than anyone else. Snowden said that because there is no accountability in the federal government for organizations like the NSA, there needs to be a group of trusted public representatives and civil rights officials that oversees government regulation. Throughout the talk Snowden didn’t once mention his exile or his status as one of America’s most wanted men. Snowden doesn’t regret a thing—he said if he could do it all again, he would. “I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and I saw the constitution was violated on a massive scale,” he said.

Regardless of whether or not people support Snowden’s actions, his disclosures have significantly improved Internet security, and have sparked a conversation and debate about privacy that may have never happened without him. Role model: Security experts have pointed to the Snowden caper as a classic example of how insiders, especially workers with privileged access to systems, could steal corporate data. The documents were kept in the portal so that NSA analysts and other officials
could read and discuss them online. Personal information is vulnerable not only to government prying but to growing numbers of outside infiltrators because companies have failed to adequately protects the data of their customers. He warned, if we allow the NSA to continue unrestrained, every other government will accept that as a green light to do the same. None asked about his life in Russia, or what further revelations might be coming. Snowden said, We need to think of encryption not as a dark art,” and warned that the NSA was “setting fire to the future of the Internet. He said Snowden wanted to speak with the people who are building and creating the next generation of the Internet because technologists are a group he wants to influence.

Corporate social responsibility: The spying of the US government has specifically violated the socially and ethically part. Edward Snowden to be pardoned as he only said the truth and nothing else but the truth. People shouldn’t be punished for telling the truth especially in matters like these. The European Parliament this week killed an amendment calling for National Security Agency NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden to be granted asylum in Europe and opposing his prosecution, extradition or rendition by third parties. The action underscores that there is no constituency within the ruling elite internationally that defends democratic rights. The threats against the life of Snowden by figures in the US political and intelligence establishment and ongoing attempts to railroad Assange into prison must be met with mass opposition. This requires a movement that links the defence of democratic rights with socialist opposition to the capitalist system, which is giving rise to police state dictatorship as it destroys the conditions of life for billions of people around the world. Corporate social responsibility: A mix of global leaders from government, civil society, academia and private enterprise are participating in a series of public plenary conversations and working groups around cyberspace security and governance, looking at the big picture of where the Internet is headed, how free it will be and who will be regulating it in the future. No government wants employees making its secrets public, and in most cases, the public feels the same. It’s a firing offence, even a crime, and in almost all cases it should be. But we also have the legal concept of a whistle-blower: someone who brings wrongdoing to light, and makes public that which must not be allowed to remain private. There is no question that Mr. Snowden brought to light things that the public needed to know, and started a public debate that needed to happen.

The U.S. Congress and allied governments have been moved to action and debate because of what Snowden told them about their own intelligence agencies. There’s is no perfect balance that can ever be struck between privacy and national security. In a post-9/11 world, the arguments of national security were often treated as irresistible, and impossible to counter. Mr. Snowden’s revelations have altered the debate, and for the better. The U.S. government sees Edward Snowden as a traitor and has every intention of putting him on trial should it ever get its hands on him. Mr. Snowden’s leaks to the Guardian and other news sources reveal an American intelligence apparatus of unprecedented scale and reach. If you imagine the world’s data stream of e-mails and phone calls as a flow of water through a giant pipe, the U.S. National Security Agency appears to essentially have the ability to force that flow to pass through its filter. Government role and law: it has been decided by the USA that Edward will be charged with offence and have to face the consequence of his wrong deeds. The USA is trying to cancel Snowdens asylum so they can bring him back.

The Europe decided not to agree with the usa decision. Conclusion: there is much different information about the NSA. It is the society’s right to make decision that does mr snowden deserves a pardon or not. On various articles and newspapers point of view it states that the government is supporting the NSA and is providing them the highest with income salaries. So there should be a reasonable judgement and proof of evidence to show that who is responsible for these things.

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