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Vodafone’s Zoozoo campaign was launched with the main motto of promoting its Value Added Services (VAS) in India. Vodafone was trying hard to capture the VAS Space because it is a potential cash cow for cellular companies. As Vodafone was a new brand in India, it had a challenging task to develop their cellular value added services. Vodafone has introduced a new characters called the Zoozoos. Several advertisements in which the Zoozoos featured were shown on television during the Indian Premier League (IPL), a cricket tournament which was started only in the year 2009. Vodafone also wanted to make the most of the IPL as it is a crowd puller. (Vodafone). In those ads Vodafone tried to showcase all the Value added services that they have to offer to the customers through different theme specific advertisements. Each of the advertisement was specific to one particular Value added service and revolved around the same to make the customer understand the service they are providing. (Vodafone).

What is the marketing objective?
Awareness of their services

The main motto of this campaign is to increase the awareness of value added services provided by Vodafone like 3G, Sports alerts, Fashion tip. Each of the advertisement was specific to one particular value added service and revolved around the same to make the customer understand the service. Zoozoos were used in all these different ads to show which all Value added services are available on the Vodafone’s menu card to offer to their customers.

Increase of sales

The main marketing objective for Vodafone is to increase sales and make a profit. Vodafone is looking for a good ROI (return on investment), the whole purpose of the campaign is to be in profit by increasing their customers.

Brand Management

Vodafone aim to have the best mobile network in India, supported by leading IT systems. This means giving our customers far-reaching coverage, a very reliable connection and increasing speeds and data capacity with low prices. (Strategy) What is the positioning strategy?

Vodafone helps people enjoy richer communication, anywhere, anytime. Always reliable, always easy, always great value…passionately delivered. (Vodafone).

Product pricing strategy

To keep its leading edge, Vodafone is continually looking to add value to the services it provides and to the packages it offers to customers (Vodafone).As of now Vodafone is the providing their customers with several value added services like 3G and GPRS services with low coat compared to their competitors which will attract the customers to words them.


Vodafone has two kinds of distribution channels of its services to their customer. In direct distribution, Vodafone directly owns and manages store under the brand name of Vodafone. These stores provides the services to the customers and provides the required support when the customers needed. Vodafone also sells its products by using the franchise and the exclusive dealers all around India. Vodafone also operates post-paid outlets and mini stores to sell their services. It also provides internet payment portal to their users and make it simple to them.

What is the communications objective?

A key communication objective is to motivate customers to use the value added services offered by Vodafone. Each of the advertisement was specific to one particular VAS service and revolved around the same to make the customer understand the services offered to them and to increase the sales by doing so. Does it succeed?

Zoozoos campaign has been successful in giving Vodafone a makeover and establishing maximum brand presence. The charm of the Zoozoo was itself a great self-marketing strategy and they were instant success among masses. Within few days, Zoozoo created a huge audience for them, giving a boost to the Vodafone brand (Vodafone). Zoozoo advertisements helped Vodafone increase its customer base by 3.8 % and 7% of Vodafone’s service revenue comes from browsing data (ZooZoo). The campaign has used a lot of media tools, such as TV commercials, newspaper advertising. The campaign helps to improve their brand image and product awareness.

How could it be improved?

Zoozoos becoming more popular than the network itself .The campaign used the art of depiction of man in the form of cartoon characters. This technique which seemed appealing to the urban population had interpretation problems at the rural level. The main cause for this was obviously low literacy levels in the rural areas which engendered a feeling of suspicion and weirdness in their minds.

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