Side effects of drugs: a survey of unwanted effects of drugs

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24 November 2015

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War on Drugs


       The war against drugs in Mexico has risen to be an issue of considerable concern as a threat to the citizens and the government. Drug trafficking has introduced so many problems in Mexico some which are social, economical and others being political. A solution must be come up with once and for all to make this trade a history in the country. The best solution for this is fighting the drug traffickers known as the cartels. Thorough research has to be carried about the means they use to transport the drugs, their sources of funds and their plans. Although the Mexican government has been trying the same approach to do away with drugs, the practice has to be strongly funded and concentrated.

       Drug trafficking in Mexico has been in practice over decades, but the number of cartels has risen significantly from 2006 (Meyler 16). They started with controlling different territories where each group of cartels had its own territory. Rules were written on how to behave and control the territories and anyone who was bleaching these agreements were killed and his territory taken by the other cartels (Webster 20). Former presidents of Mexico did not seem to be serious in the war against these cartels, and this led to their increase. The main drugs traded in Mexico are marijuana, cocaine and heroin. The trade has exceptionally high margins; thus, the reasons for its thrifty.

       The cartels always fight the Mexican government and their fellow cartels. The trajectory of territories is one of the main reasons why rivalry among the handlers increases with each dawning day. Cartels want to control as many territories as they can to symbolize the power in their hands. They always do this by throwing the other weaker cartels from their territories and taking them to be under their own rules (Haugen and Musser 32). The other reason as to why they rival is competition. In any trade or business, there must be competitions following that everyone wants to sell more than the other seller. To eliminate their competitors and reduce competition, the cartels kill them so as to be left alone in the market and sell the drugs at the prices they decide.

       Immediately after the election of President Felipe Calderon to power, serious way against the cartels was started. In January 2007, a group of gunmen known as La Familia attacked a congregation that the president was addressing and fired gunshots in the air (Campbell 235). They left a document written that La Familia does not kill innocent people or women or even for money, but it eradicates those who do not follow the law. The citizens believed that it was a vigilante group whose aim was to kill those who had criminal actions. The attorney general of Mexico, Daniel Cabeza de Vaca dismissed these claims clarifying to state that the group had an intention to kill all other drug cartels so that they could be left outstanding during the period.

       The fight against this drug trade began, and a special group of police known as the Drug Enforcement Agency was given the mandate to eliminate these cartels (Campbell 241). This is the cartels decided to fight back the government killing even official from the government like assassination of Rodolfo Torre a gubernatorial candidate in the northern Tamaulipas. Innocent citizens have been assassinated including children and women whom continue today. The main challenge that the government experiences in the war against drug is corruption (Webster 29). The level of corruption in the government is exceedingly high and is significantly increasing. The drug cartels bribe the agencies responsible to stop trafficking enabling them to do their illegal business without fears and worries of arrests or prosecution. Another great challenge on the war is the integrity of the police officers. A big number of police and military officers in the government have been hired by the drug cartels to act as their bodyguards. This is due to low levels of salaries given to these officers by the government as compared to the amount offered to them by the traffickers.

       The impacts of drug trafficking vary from social, economic and political. Drug cartels have led to high levels of political instability. Political instability means the lack of peace and unity in a state or a country. This has been highly suffered by the citizens from 2006 up to today ((Kilmer, Caulkins, Brittany, and Reuter 26). Cases of assassination of innocent people and regular attacks by these criminals have installed worries to the citizens and have proved Mexico to be a dangerous country to stay. Bombings are made at time intervals, and firearms are held by almost everyone illegally. The most worrying fact to the government is that most people in the population of Mexico have firearms illegally if the government has to use arms to eradicate drug trade, then the weapons have to be superior to those already with the citizens.

       Corruption is another political impact of drug trafficking. Drug trade has given rise to corruption in the government of Mexico since the drug cartels bribe the top government officials to protect them against any arrest or prosecution (Kilmer, Caulkins, Brittany, and Reuter 23). If the head of the police department can be bribed by the drug lords, it does not make any sense of issuing an arrest warrant to the cartels because eventually they will be released without prosecution or any action. The drug cartels get intelligent information on which group of cartel the government plans to attack and attacks the government through killing of innocent citizen before the government attacks. The issue of hiring police officers and those in the military to work as bodyguard to the drug cartels are also another political threat. This promotes high levels of insecurity. After resigning, this police officer will speak out to the drug traders all the plans and strategies of the government in fighting the traffickers (Campbell 254). This leads to additional and planned attacks to the government agencies.

       There are a number of ways that can be used to solve this problem of drug cartels. The best solution to this is just destroying and doing away with the drug cartels in Mexico forever. One of the ways under which this can be done is through conduction a deep research on who are the drug cartels and in which part of the country they are based. Interviews have to be conducted to anyone who has ever been a member of the cartels and citizens who have relevant knowledge and are willing to share. Out of these questionnaires and internet sources, findings and conclusions should be come up with to help identify the cartels. A research on the kind of attacks these cartels hold should be used to determine the number of attackers and the types of arms they use. This should help to decide on the type of weapons to use in attacking the cartels. The findings of this research should show the secrets of the cartels and their plans of attack or trade clearly.

       The other approach is to crack down money laundering of the cartels where they smuggle their money. This can be done through accessing bank accounts of all citizens to value whether they coincide with the job they do or businesses they have. There is no way under which a person can be operating a small kiosk and yet his or her bank statement reads billions of money. Victims like these should be subjected to deep investigation where if any one of them is unable to account for the amount in his or her bank account, actions against them should be immediately taken. This aids to discourage the cartels from trading and reduce their number in this illegal practice. The other way to do away with these cartels is to reduce or eliminate corruption entirely. The only way to do this is to advocate an increase in salary for security agencies in Mexico. If higher salaries are there for these agencies, there is no officer who can leak information to the kingpins for money. Legal actions should be taken against these officers who have cases of being bribed by the cartels. This discourages bribing and hence reduction in corruption as a means of defeating these cartels. The above process is the best for war against drug cartels and this can rescue Mexico.


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