Week 7 Assignment Busn 420

Since this class is going to be part of my major and all the reading and the concept of business law, it will be very helpful for my major as well. In this 7 weeks I have learned about contracts, verbal, electronics and some others that I know are going to be part of my every day tasks, also at the mean time where to go or to do at a specific court house too. The knowledge that I got since taking this class and the way I’m going to analyze the legal aspect of my career. Also the differences in how each states have they own business law (courts) and how to apply for them too. Like common law that I never heard about this law and what constitute to business, in my own I made a lot of mistakes before because I didn’t know what I know now about how or which type of business should I have or where to go, the difference among corporations or in which way I could be affected if anything happens. How partnerships will affect the relations with my partners specially if they are members of my family or friends. I personally had a LLC Corporation and to tell you the true I didn’t know the meaning or the privilege of having a LLC Corporation like I do now, I know that the steps that I need to do now if I would like to have or open another corporation and all because of this class. This time I know I won’t make the same mistakes I made in the pass, specially signing contract or agree to something I don’t know, and learn how to identify remedies available according to each states too, for example UCC SALE OF GOODS and to make sure the contract is valid or had been made according to the law or with ARTICLE 2 SALES OF THE UCC. All this knowledge that I obtained in this class it’s making me a better professional businessman, I will handle and perform better in any position management, also knowing and dealing with everything this class thought me I will challenge anything, by know what to do or where to go(courts) that deal with any legal matter (business law) I’m ready. Thanks.

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