What can education bring us?

What can education bring us? Is “high mark” the real destiny of education? As researchers and scholars are investigating this subject, the accurate definition of education begins to have slight difference from what was in people’s mind before. Education, the bridge between teachers and students, the mediator between individual and society, means more than knowledge transmit, but being a wholly developed person in the society.

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First, education brings us basic knowledge and skill to survive. From primary school on, students learn subjects like Maths, Physics, English, or in other words, academic subjects to gain the initial knowledge of the nature and world, which are extremely useful for our future career. Upon this, students also learn skills like sewing, cooking, and mending bicycles, which help them a lot in their future family life. To this extend, education provided us with fundamental concepts of living.

Second, education can cultivate our sentiment. Apart from academic subjects, art subjects such as music and art seems more interesting toward students. From these subjects, one can enjoy the pleasure of listening to music, try to guess a composer’s emotion when writing a music chapter, or understand the meaning of a piece of drawing, from which process they themselves are edified and assimilated, and finally have their own clear opinion on what is beauty.

Third, education makes an individual adapted to the society. Being innocent and naive, young people always find it hard to immerge into the complicated environment, and feel frustrated. Through education like communication skills, students may know the essence of getting on with other people. This kind of education influences our personality and views everyone as a whole individual in the big family of society.

Above all, knowledge, emotion, and personality form the most important part of the content of education. The aim of education is to teach a per son become a completely developed individual.

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