What good does homework have?

What good does homework have? I mean, personally, I haven’t learnt anything extra from doing homework, and the majority of students around the world who receive homework have absolutely no interest in it at all. Homework makes children annoyed, which means they get questions wrong, so then they have to put up with lousy punishments back at school. Homework is like a brother or sister, it’s just plain annoying. It is also a total time waster and should not be completed. Poor, innocent kids get given infuriating work to do in their free time during the week, the only time they have to chill out and relax. Children shouldn’t have to waste their time doing school work all over again at home, when they could be having a go at a worthwhile activity. As I was saying earlier, homework minimises a child’s free time, which means they haven’t got an opportunity to play any sports or join in on any fun games and activities. In result of that, kids become lazy and don’t get the recommended daily amount of excersize a child should be getting. No wonder the childhood obesity rate is rising! Homework can put children under a lot of stress, and can cause anxiety. Kids become worried about whether or not they have completed their homework properly, because if they don’t, there is always a consequence. Parents also become stressed out because of their children persistently asking them for help with homework. It is a teacher’s job to teach work, not a parents’. Children do not deserve to be put under so much pressure and annoyance. In conclusion, I am certain that homework should be banned around the world for good and I am very eager to see it go.

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