What is My Happiness

Happiness seems to be the thing that everyone searches for and desires. These days there are so many different things that can make a person happy. Happiness to me is a sort of inner contentment that deep down I desire just as much as any other person. The word happiness is a complex one and comes in many definitions with every different person. Through searching for happiness, I find my happiness in three major areas in my life; material objects, physical health, and spiritual events. We live in a very materialistic world these days, and I seem to get caught up in all the different objects that I can own. This sometimes cannot bring happiness, but most of the times it tends to. The feeling of buying something that you really wanted and knowing that it is yours seems to be the best feeling. One of those days was the day I got my car. I can remember it perfectly. My dad and I had been test driving cars for weeks straight, but none seemed to be the right one. We found an older man that lived in Athens that had just what I wanted.

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So a couple of days before my sixteenth birthday my dad, my mom, and I drove out to Athens and bought my very own car. This day was thrilling. I had my very own white Cadillac CTS. The feeling of watching my dad write this man a check and be able to get in the car and drive away knowing that it was mine and no one else’s felt amazing. Another example is my cell phone. As a teenager, I think cell phones were created for pure enjoyment and to make a young teen happy. When you hear your cell phone ring or you get a text message it makes you happy. These are just some of the times that material objects truly made me happy and kept me happy for a long time. Material objects can make anyone happy; I mean who does not love to get a new car or the latest and greatest cell phone on the market. Relying on having material things to fill my life and make me happy is not necessarily a good thing, I really do not need any of those objects to make myself happy, but it is one of those things that in the long run really does make me happy. Who does not want to be healthy? Being healthy is a very crucial part of life. I am glad that I am fortunate enough to be healthy and to have all my family members healthy too.

When I think about being healthy I do not necessarily think that this brings happiness to my life, but it really does. If I was not healthy then I would not be able to do all the things that I am able to do. I am able to walk, run, dance, and so much more. There are so many people these days that are not truly healthy. They either have poor conditions to live in, they have an eating disorder, or many more other things. For a girl these days being happy with one’s body is typically a hard thing to come by. There are so many things that make us hate the way we look and everything about our own bodies. This is not true happiness and the true inner contentment that we should have. I am blessed to say that I am happy with the way I look and everything about my body, and to a girl this can bring true happiness and the contentment with our lives that we all need. My spiritual life truly brings me happiness. I know that no matter what I do I will always have God to love me. I can remember the day I decided to get baptized and the actual day I got baptized. Those two days were the definition of happiness.

I remember talking to my youth minister and telling him that I wanted to be baptized and the feeling of exhilaration was put through my body. The actual day I got baptized was a day I have never forgotten. We had just arrived back at the church building from Impact, a church event that was hosted at Lipscomb University. Everyone walked into the building and walked to the baptistery, where they all were awaiting me to enter the water. The water was warm, everyone that knew me was there and they all were proud. This feeling of going under the water and coming back up was like no other feeling that I have had in my entire life. I was peaceful and pure, I had true happiness. This renewal was the start of happiness and my love for helping people. I then started getting involved in activities in my Anchor Club, a student organization for young ladies in my high school. I would sign up to go help with different events, and one of those being our schools Spiritual Emphasis Day, this day was a day when we would throw a carnival for people that had mental disabilities.

This day was a day that I very much enjoyed. It brought happiness to me and especially to the buddy that I was paired with. This day not only brought happiness throughout the gym, it brought contentment with myself, which I feel happiness is somewhat of a form of contentment. My dad and I also started going to the Downtown Rescue Mission, a place where they feed the homeless in downtown Huntsville. I enjoyed this too, this made me happy. I was surrounded with those that did not have close to what I had, and the feeling of helping those people was a true passion of mine. I think all of these reasons are part of the reason why I decided to pursue a career in nursing. Helping others and doing nice things to maybe make someone else’s life a little better brings me true happiness. Happiness is something that comes within.

So knowing that I have helped just one person and knowing that I will be in Heaven one day is an amazing feeling. The reality is that everyone’s true happiness is viewed differently. I find my own happiness in my material possessions, my healthy body, and the spiritual part of my life. Besides being spiritually set, happiness is the ultimate thing that I have desired and searched for. Happiness is the way you live your life, the activities you participate in, the person you are in love with, being around your friends, and so much more, the lists never stops. True happiness is being happy with the way you live your life and the contentment with how everything has work out for yourself.

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