What is so important about a College Education?

Why is it so great to attend college? Depending on one’s point of view college may be insignificant or very rewarding in life. Realistically is there any significance to waking up before the roosters have began to crow just to attend some mind-numbing class at 8 o’clock in the morning? Whether you’re eighteen or thirty, enrolled as a full time or part time college student, college can be very difficult. After four children, two divorces, and a job you hate does a college degree truly appeal to you? Is there really a bright light at the end of the tunnel when making the decision to attend college? The decision to attend college has always been an easy one for me. Receiving an education will allow me to accomplish a goal I established long ago, fulfill my career plans to become a teacher, and provide stability for myself now and in the future.

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Being from a large family I established a goal long ago to be my parent’s first child to earn a college degree. Graduating high school nearly five years ago I always knew I would attend college. However, life obstacles and terrible choices have slowed my college plans down. I have to blame myself for the ignorance and irresponsibility of my first few years of college. After completely bombing college classes the first time around, I left college and worked a full time job for nearly two years. After working a minimum wage job I despised, I decided to reevaluate my goals. I made the decision to give college another attempt and decided to work part time. The older I have become the more responsibility I have earned. I am more reliable and more motivated to complete my goals now that I am older. I look forward to classes and am thrilled when earning good grades. I am motivated by my goal I established long ago to be my parent’s first child to earn a college degree.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? This is a motto every individual should think about. Completing my career goal to become a teacher is why I am attending college. Becoming a teacher is not just about having the summers off and working an 8 to 3 job. Substitute teaching influenced me the most when deciding to major in education. I am very passionate about helping others, whether it is a child or an adult, I think of myself as a caring person. I look forward to teaching students and providing support for their education advancement. The working hours of a teacher are flexible. I am more than aware of a teacher’s salary and realize that I may not be rich someday; however becoming a teacher will be worth it because I know I will enjoy my job.

Earning a college degree will help ensure a better life for myself. Employers look at a college degree as a major accomplishment. An employer will see a college diploma and know you worked hard to achieve it, thus showing you are a dependable driven individual. Completing my college degree will allow me to do something I love and enjoy. Provided I complete my college degree and become a teacher I will have a job. The need of a teacher will always be there. You can’t educate students without a teacher. State employees are provided with terrific insurance benefits. I will have stability for myself and provided I have a family someday, my education will provide stability for them as well. The idea of knowing I have a job in these trying times will be a relief.

I look back at my adult life and realize how life could have been if I had made different choices. Attending college may not be the path for everyone. To me, a college education in today’s uncontrolled economy has many more pros than cons. Earning a college degree will allow me to accomplish a goal I established long ago, fulfill my career plans to become a teacher, and provide stability for myself now and in the future. College allows you to challenge yourself, discover a passion for what you love to do, and teaches responsibility and discipline in life. The goals for me to earn a college degree each are to ensure a successful and happy life. When I look back on my life ten years from now I would hope the decision to earn a college degree was one of the best decisions I ever made. If college is the path for you, make sure to focus on something you are passionate about establish goals to complete. Don’t allow life to pass you by. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and attending college will provide the tools for a bright future.

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