What Led to the Civil War

During the 1800’s, slavery in America became a bigger and bigger issue and discussion. The North opposed slavery and thought everything about it was wrong. Whereas the South felt slavery was an essential part of their lives, and that without it they would not survive. In April of 1861, during the first month of the Civil War Alfred M. Green delivered a speech to his fellow African Americans to join the Union forces of the North.

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Green uses allusions in his speech to help persuade his fellow African Americans to join the Union forces. Green felt that if anyone should be fighting in a war for freedom from slavery, it should be African Americans. He states, “My country, right or wrong, I love thee still!” Meaning regardless how wrong the South’s actions were or could be at times, Green and his people would still love them and fight for what was right. African Americans needed the extra boost of confidence, and Green was just that. He says, “Let us, take up the sword, trusting in God, who will defend the right…”

By bringing in this statement of faith this made the tone more comfortable and reassuring, as if God was on his side, and would do the right thing in the end. The passion and drive of Green would overall have a great impact on African Americans. Green says, “Remember, too, that your very presence among the troops of the North would inspire your oppressed brethren of the South…living God the God of truth, justice and equality to all men.” This created a new confidence for the North and slaves that wanted to make a difference in how they were being treated. Given these points, Green uses personal experiences and emotion to help

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