When Socrates meets Confucius

When Confucius met Socrates
It is world-renowned that Confucius and Socrates are the top-ranking philosophers. They are both authorities in their own field of their countries. Nevertheless, there have been some arguments about the conflicts between the Chinese culture and Western thoughts. Speaking of the differences between the Chinese and the west, there must be some reasons for it. Initially, in my book, the conflicts stem from the different history. We all know that European civilization consists of immigration culture, that is to say, Europe is a mixture of people around the world and diverse customs.

Wildness is their nature. Another factor I reckon attributing to the differences is the different life styles they lead. For instance, it is plain to see that people in Europe often go traveling or camping with their family, even if they have to loan. Hence, enjoying the present may be their first choice. Chinese, on the contrary, can work diligently first in order to make enough money and enjoy their life. See, here’s the difference. So, what should be our attitudes towards the conflicts?

From my perspective, we can learn part of the western culture. Cuz we know that the world is becoming increasingly globalizing, so, we need to prosper our culture to catch up with the western culture. Meanwhile, we ought to spread our culture to the world. Since we have splendid culture, we are obliged to make it known to others. No matter whether it is Confucius or Socrates, what we need to do is to treat them objectively and equally. And that’s my opinions about the topic. Thanks.

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