Who Owns the Ice House

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18 March 2016

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1.) What did you find to be some key themes in this book? (Please list and describe at least 4).


a.) Choice – The power to choose is a fundamental concept of an entrepreneur’s life. Our environment can affect the choices we make. We tend to respond to our circumstance by choosing the way by which we respond. One can choose to give a positive or a negative response to their environment. The choice we make is what determines the outcome of our lives. “The mark you make today will show up tomorrow”.

b.) Opportunity – Opportunities pose as problems in disguise. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers; this skill is what gives them hindsight to identify opportunities. Solving problems for others is a secret that that enables any circumstance to be transformed into success. “In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity”. The secret to identifying opportunity simply lies on the ability to observe, pay attention to what others need and brainstorm on ways to provide solutions.

c.) Persistence — A specialized knowledge or skill is not required to persevere. Perseverance is something anyone can learn. Persistence enables us face challenges and overcome obstacles. “As long as I kin wake up, I’m gonna git up”. Persistence comes with a shift in our awareness followed by change in our behavior. It encourages one to forge ahead and push harder not paying attention to circumstance. “I found myself in an endeavor that would take me beyond even my wildest aspirations”. Entrepreneurship is not “get rich quick” and expecting it to be easy; the secret is sheer perseverance and determination. Then our efforts would be rewarded. “somehow, I feel the failure ignited my uncles passion for his next endeavor :his success at the ice house”.

d.) Brand – The reputation one builds can be termed as their trademark or brand. As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to build a reliable reputation, as reliability is the key to a successful business and lifestyle. It is essential to build a reputation, which would boost your confidence and motivate or inspire others around you. A brand is what can either attract people to you or make people avoid you; people would identify you by the brand you portray. One can communicate their brand through actions and words. “It is essential to understand that wherever we are, in whatever we do, we are all building our brand”.

2.) What opportunities do you think your experience at Kent State University will provide you? How do you plan to utilize those opportunities to achieve your goals?

I have gone through the Kent state university website and discovered I can benefit from Kent state university in so many ways. I have also seen that there are so many opportunities waiting for me in Kent state. Diversity is something I know I can benefit from in Kent state university. Kent is relatively a large school consisting of people from different races and cultural groups. In Kent, I would learn how to interact freely with people from different races and also learn about various cultures and lifestyles. Also accepting responsibilities is another area I would benefit from; I would learn to accept responsibilities for my educational life, social life and generally college life as a whole making me independent. I would also profit from the academic resources available to me; the library which would provide me with detailed information on all I need to know, also the tutoring services which would be of great value to me. All these factors combined would reshape my life, making me more exposed and knowledgeable. It would also assist me in my chosen field of career.

3.) What challenges do you think you will need to overcome to be successful academically in college? What themes from this book may help you
to overcome these challenges? Why?

As a freshman, college life poses to seem difficult. I would be faced with the college life poses to seem difficult; I would be faced with the challenge on how to set my priorities right, I would have to learn how to manage my time right to follow up with academic schedule and since I now stay alone I would also have to learn to be self motivated and how not to relent no matter the difficulty I am faced with. Here, I would initiate the law of persistence which would enable me overcome these challenges and forge ahead; by setting my goals right to achieve success, I would have to be determined and apply perseverance. Also, the choices I would make on setting my priorities right would determine the level of my academic success. I would also like to be known as an industrious student who turns in their assignments on time and obeys the code of conduct there by building a good brand name for myself although this would not be so easy, I hope to work towards it an initiate the brand lesson in my college life. I also want the college to pass through me not just me passing through it.

I would work towards craving knowledge and understanding and not just turning in my assignments. I would want to put in more efforts and create a goal to learn through consistent hard work. The lesson of knowledge would enable me pass through this challenge successfully. The lesson of community plays a vital role in my academic success. Most students are faced with the challenge of surrounding themselves with positive influence and may trail either the right or wrong route. This lesson of community would enable me interact with the right people whole would contribute to my academic success through out my stay in college.

4.) Whose story did you enjoy reading the most? (Uncle Cleve, Clifton, or Gary) What was it about their perspective did you find intriguing? Answer

I enjoyed reading uncle cleaves’ the most, He was someone who dared his environment in a time where opportunity seemed out of reach. He was able to put ideas together which led to his success and motivated Clifton. He chose to break the tradition of working on plantations and became an entrepreneur of his own business. He was willing to walk through the difficult situations and discover opportunities. “ he was among those who dared to count his own dream as worthy of being pursued”. Although uncle Cleve had no formal education the fact he was always willing to learn was intriguing.

He thought big and acted according to his big thinking. He was open to ideas and willing to alter assumptions people around him had. The most fascinating thing about uncle Cleve was that he was able to build a reliable brand name for himself. He carve d a niche for himself as someone whose words were golden. He gave people their respect and in turn he was respected. Above all although uncle Cleave had failed on the farm, he was still persistent and determined to succeed and then, the ice house was introduced.

5.) Please write a discussion question that you would pose to your discussion group.

Has reading the book WHO OWNS THE ICE HOUSE affected your thinking in any way? .

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