Why drugs should remain illegal in America

Why drugs should remain illegal in America

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       Over the years, there has been a raging debate on whether drugs should be legalized in the United States or not. There are those who believe that drugs should be made legal and accessible to all Americans and those who argue that they should not be legalized. Proponents of drug realization argue that the current drug laws are harmful to the society and violate the personal freedoms. Moreover, they argue that enforcing drug laws is a wastage of public resources that could be used in more meaningful public projects. Despite these seemingly convincing arguments, I believe that drugs should remain illegal in the United States (David & Edward,2013 ).

       To begin with, research has established that there is link between drugs and increased crime rates. Many of the crimes that happen in America are related to drug abuse. This means that drug legalization in America will result in increased crime rates in the country. Secondly, drugs should remain illegal in the United States because they have very negative effects on the health of the users. As people continue to abuse drugs, their bodies become over dependent on them resulting in health complications. Other than health, drugs also have a negative effect on the economy and the general quality of life of Americans. Currently, the American health care industry is already overburdened and would be brought to its knees if drugs were legalized (David & Edward,2013 ). Although proponents of drug legalization argue that public money spent on enforcing drug would be saved through legalization, this money would be spent on treating drug related matters. The money from drugs would not compensate for things like for fetal defects, loss of jobs, industrial accidents, road accidents and high rates of domestic violence.


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