Why PE Should Be In Every School

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27 February 2016

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In high school, students have a full schedule for five days on a week to always study about subjects like mathematics, biology, economy etc. Have a full schedule like that can make the students body and mind disturbed and confused. PE or physical education in high school helps students to refreshed their body and mind in that full busy week of schedule. There are a lot of advantages of PE or sport that many people know, but there also some of disadvantages that few people know about sport or PE.

PE, physical education is one of the subjects in high school. PE is an education process through phycical activity, physical exercise or sport to achieve educational purpose. PE is done with well-organized program by the teacher that involve not only the physical activity but also provide a media for the student to explore and to learn the environment. The advantages of PE according to Mahendra (2013), generally said that the advantages of PE in school include the following: 1. Fullfill the needs of the children of move. 2. Introduce the children to the environtment and the potential skill of them. 3. To set up the bneficial of basics skill. 4. Direct the excessive energy to a better way. 5. An simultaneously eduational process of both physically, mentally and emotionally. PE in high school is held once a week so the students can maintain their health routinely on a week. PE also needed by the students to refresh their body and mind from the busy schedule of study on a week.

PE or sport also has some disadvantages. If it done excessively, it can affect students health and result in side effects to the body. Exhaustion, of course if you impose your body to work more than before you must feel tired. Physical activity like running or with high intensity can endanger the heart health, it makes your heart bigger. Bigger heart makes you get more tired easily. Another example of high intensity physical activity side effects is blood clots. As experienced by Danielle Yalop from Manchester, England. Yalop had to undergo a rib removal surgery because of blood clots,
or Deep Vein Thrombosis. A blood clots that can plug up artery and causing death. Another side effect of excessive physical activity is a headache. If you feel a headache when you are doing or done doing physical activity, it means that your body lacking water or dehydration. Headache is a simptom of dehydration. The more you doing physical activity, the more water leave your body.

In addition of the advantages of PE that Mahendra said, PE might help you to keep your body healthy and fit, removing toxins, keep the heart healthy and stable, reducing body fat. Of course you have to exercise regulary as needed and not doing it excessively. PE is important not only in high school but also in elementary and junior high school. Sometimes, PE is considered not necessary by the school committee. PE only considered as a refreshing time so the physical activity and the education not be taken seriously and not done properly. In fact, PE is very important to keep balance between physical education and the primary one. If PE is taken seriously, it can helps developed knowledge and skills that related to social development, self-confident and developed the personal value through participating in a physical activity group. Although PE in some school only considered not necessary, PE is important and every school and student must have and do PE within the busy schedule in school life. If school committe take PE seriously and think that PE is important because of the advantages, they might be doing it twice a week. Hiring a competent PE teacher and well-organized PE program that can help the students maintaining their health , body, mind and help them to upgrade their primary education.

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