Why People Visit Grasmere

Why do people visit Grasmere/Ambleside?
This question links to our GCSE course as one of the topics I have studied is tourism. Grasmere and Ambleside are small settlements but still manage to have many, many visitors each year. This is why they are great places to study what attracts tourists to certain places as these two places are honeypot sites. As they are small places, I should be able to cover the whole area to see all the different reasons as to why people go there. What am I trying to achieve?

During this project I am hoping to find the main reasons as to why people visit Grasmere and Ambleside. I want to find all the different human and physical features that attract so many people to a small honeypot town or village such as these two. I want to see whether there is a more popular appeal to a certain gender or age. It may be that more women visit the places and that older people are more attracted than younger people. I also want to find out which parts of Grasmere are the most attractive to the tourists For example; I want to know whether Dove Cottage or the famous Ginger Bread Shop is more popular. How am I going to achieve it?

To complete my study I will be carrying out and collecting the following pieces of data: A questionnaire, pedestrian counts, a land use survey and an environmental survey. These will allow me to find out the vital information I need to answer the key question. Also, a key part of my study is the collection of my own data. I have decided to do a land use survey on the attractions in Grasmere and also an environmental survey. This will allow me to see the human, physical and environmental features that bring in so many tourists. Key concepts

Land-use – Land use is the human use of land. Land use involves the management and modification of the natural environment to for human gain. Tourist attraction – A tourist attraction is a place of interest where tourists visit, usually because of its history or features it has. Honeypot site – A popular place or attraction that brings in a large number of tourists. Landscape – All the physical features of an area of countryside, often considered in terms of beauty. Tourist – A person who is travelling or visiting a place, usually for pleasure. |

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