Women are the best managers

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16 March 2016

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1. Well friends, its not important how many things are you managing at a time. Its important how EFFICieNTLY are you manging those things. Im not doubting on the capabilities of women.Bbut i would like to disuss here one condition. If a women faces some issues in her home. will those issues be affecting the decision she will make in office afterwords.

2. Yes, women can manage better than man.they have equal abilities along with men. They can also tackle the situations better than men. They can take right decision in a right time. They have good leadership qualities.

3. In my view. Women are the best managers. Womens can handle the office work as well as household work equally… They take the right decisions at right time.But Men are physically tougher and the women are mentally tougher.

4. A women can be a good manager but the quality of the manager not depend on the gender. A person is good manager who have the skills to motivate the employs, give the direction and maintain the interest and to work with the employs in effectively and efecient manner.

5. Yes, women are better manger bcoz they are hard work and they know their respossibilities.

6. Yes, Women are the best manager than men. Because they easily manage in both family as well as office. And also they have good leadership quality to run the team.

7. Women have different quality than men. Like they have patient, good time management skills and responsible. Men have different qualities than women. He can do the work at under pressure , he has daring. But Now days it isn\’t new to women are CEO or MD of an big organization. Here strange but true there are only couple of women. But almost 80% there are men.

8. In my opinion , i will say that women are the good managers compare to men because ,women have the capability of managing all the circumstances, they have their own planning of getting reed of any difficulties at any situation simply we can say that they are having more patience, women are having more guts to face any problem than men which helps the women to be grow better in way than the men.

9. Womens are the good managers bcz they know their responsibilities where men’s are just need only enjoyment they dont take life as serious but womens take life as serious and they want to achieve something in life then men.

10. Yes women are better managers than mens because in todays world there is lots of strugglr to get anything so women are taking the equal steps as men thay manage their household work and also her professionl work properly.

11. Although women have good managerial skills. but social culture,traditions forces women to resort to accept these managerial skills in outside their home. so their efficiency deteriorate. so these issues forces women to be under men.

12. It is obvious that women are good managers than men,, not because only one point i.e; Patience but also because of the her capability of handling every situation, from household work, children, and maintaining her professional life without getting irritated. But on the other hand men have the wonderful capacity of taking the frustation that comes along their way in their job.

13. Well, woman are good in management. Women don’t take things personally, they are patient when taking their decision.

14. Human beings are good managers, what i mean to say is both are having that capabilities. We have so many examples for men as well as women managers the qualities that the peoples are having leads them as managers, managing the people is not an ordinary issue so it requires patience, good communication skills and leadership skills.

15. Obviously women are good managers than men. Women have so much of patience they manage both their personal life and there work perfectly while this cannot be done by men. Women will think twice before performing any action. women has excellent management skills when compared to men.

16. No,this is not true because it is all about having the managerial skill. Just like all the 100 rupee notes have same value and same power but the owner of that 100 rupee note is the one who have it in his/her pocket. So the one who have the skill will be considered as a good or better MANAGER.

17. Well, I do not agree with this statement. Cause its all about the managerial skill. man or woman whoever has the capability of managing company. He/she can be chosen as manager. May be woman has some inborn skill. But practice makes a man perfect. through some training process a man’s skill can be developed. So,its obvious for being a manager, we need skill of managing, proper planing, communication skill all those.

18. We can’t put example like jhansi ki rani, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Those designations were very different from present work scenario. Today a working has to travel a lot to reach office, taking proper care of kids, balancing her personal and professional life, managing social issues in her immediate society! Now because of these all circumstances its not possible for a woman to be perfect in each work she does. So if we look practically on this topic. One has to conclude by saying men are better managers than women.

19. According to my views a man be the good manger , a woman manage the home doesn’t mean that she manges the company too. A man can manage his company by late working night but a woman can’t do to some of thier family issues, even woman don’t able to take quick and fast decision as compare with man.

20. Obviously women can easily manage work and everything. Women takes care of her family and even her work mostly which we cannot see this in men. Our rulers Jhansi Rani, Victoria, Indira Gandhi ruled very effectively and managed their work, time, money etc.,

21. Ya, Well. Women are the good managers than men because they have more patience than men. And also they have leadership quality to run the team.

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