In the persuasive paper, the issue of abortion through a Feminist perspective and ethical lens will be looked into. Much controversy surrounds the issue but looking at feminist theory, more specifically, radical feminist theory, the decision for a woman to abort should be available if needed. Not only that, but the decision should be left up to the pregnant woman and the pregnant woman only, as this is seen as a form of escaping male dominance in society. The main arguments that will be used within the paper are: most importantly the feminist perspective of abortion, a feminist perspective of a woman’s control over her sexuality and how this relates to abortion, birth control, and lastly the reasoning behind why women may choose to abort. The writing style the persuasive paper will follow is APA style, and the following are a list of scholarly sources that will be used:

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  • 1.Himmelweit, S. (1980). Abortion: Individual choice and social control. Feminist Review, 5(1), 65-68. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1057/fr.1980.13 is one of the sources that will be used in the persuasive paper. The journal informs and a report on original research, as well as it provides an analysis of issues specific to the discipline. These two reasons demonstrate a purpose of publication which clearly indicates that this is indeed a scholarly source.
  • 2. Zampas, C., & Gher, J. M. (2008). Abortion as a human right—international and regional standards. Oxford Journals, 8(2), 269-294. doi: 10.1093/hrlr/ngn008 is another source chosen to be used within the paper. Frequency of publication is often a good indication that a source is in fact scholarly. Often quarterly is a good forewarning of a scholarly source, which Oxford Journals is credible for.
  • 3. Bridgeman, J. (2011). Wise women in community: building on everyday radical feminism for social change. Interface, 3(2), 288-293. Retrieved from http://www.interfacejournal.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Interfac