Womens Day

Have you ever given a thought that why is the International Women Day Celebrated for? No? No problem. Carry on reading as it’s going to get interested ahead. Do you know when the first International Women Day came into existence? Just 101 years before. You must be thinking why is that? So listen the women did not had the same right as nowadays. They were majorly being a victim of violence, they were the main victim of poverty and lack of education, and they had no rights at all, not even a right to vote can you imagine that? The women were considered as a minority in every aspect of life than men. Don’t you think that was wrong? You’re 100% correct. These thoughts became the main reason for Women to fight for their rights when they worked as team to battle for their journey towards equality between both genders. Where did I go on International Women Day?

8th March is the official date to celebrate this interesting day all around different nations so how come you can even imagine me sitting home and watching t.v. As a young Women myself I attended an inspiring seminar on 8th March 2013 (International Women’s Day) at Olswang, London. The building was really a beautiful piece of art though they didn’t allow us to take a photo inside (Bad luck). We were given an ID badge as security purposes and we followed staff towards the meeting room with seated brilliant and successful women who looked superb as well and not to forget few men were seated there as well. Until now you may be thinking now it’s going to be boring right? Not really! What was exciting about the day?

It wasn’t really a meeting or a lecture. We started with a mouth-watering variety of snacks and drinks and sat on our assigned seats with other college and school students. To give a side kick to the formality among the group members they assigned each table with a challenge of building the highest tower with the marshmallows and the bamboo sticks. My team mates started with bursting energy by pouring drink on the table. We didn’t won but had fun in it. The Guest speakers that came there were all very talented and they shared their golden experience of life and the hard works that they went though to become successful but the good thing is that they all were very happy and satisfied in their lives.

They all belong to different fields i.e. police, doctor, media, recruitment sector, banking and much more. There words and the way they presented it was very motivational and it gave me a power to go beyond the limits, touch the sky and make the best of both world. That’s how this beautiful day ended up with some open chat with each other on a cuppa and cookies. We also got goodie bags specially selected for Women. Always Remember in Mind:

There isn’t any minority or majority as in gender if you don’t agree then sorry to say but you need to fix those lose screws pal. There isn’t anything that the Women can’t do. You just have to learn to find your inner potential and need to trust in yourself because you are the world for yourself.