Work in partnership in health and social care

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7 April 2016

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1.1. Identifies the features of effective partnership working Any information that is shared with other partnerships is for the benefit of the child and their family, by partnerships working together and gathering all the information together it builds a bigger picture of the child’s lifestyle . Each partnership may see different things in their visits to the family or when the child goes to settings and clinics. So by all working together they can implement and plan for all needs not just one that maybe seen by one professional. For effective partnership to work they will need to have good communication written and oral, build positive relationships in terms of respect, good rapport and understanding, share information, maintain good regular contact, work together for the needs of the children and have good working practice.

1.2. Explain the importance of partnership working with colleagues: Colleagues: it benefit’s the children if colleagues have a good working partnership, it creates positive environments where children settle better. Also building positive relationships is good for when it comes to sharing information, everyone knows what each one is doing, colleagues can support each other and enjoy their job better and runs smoothly.

Other Professionals: it benefit’s the child and gets better outcomes if everyone is working in partnership with each other and everyone gets to see a better insight of how much guidance and support families may need.

Others: building positive relationships with parents will benefit the children as the parent will be more open in sharing information bout the child/children and take interest in what the child is doing whilst they are at your setting. Everyone can understand what the other professionals are doing, it runs more smoothly and the child/children or young person get all the implementation they need.

1.3. Analyse how partnership working delivers better outcome We can deliver better outcomes with partnership working when all parties are working towards the same goals for the service ort for individuals. That all parties have a good and mutual knowledge of the person they are delivering the service to and so that they are aware of each other’s input and all have a similar or same goal. Working in partnership ensures good communication throughout the process and that a high standard of care and mutual assistance can be delivered through a combine attempt and enthusiasm.

1.4. Explains how to overcome barriers to partnership working For this question I am going to explain strategies used in health and social care environments to overcome barriers to effective communication and inter personal interactions. There are many different strategies can be used to overcome barriers of communication in a health and social care settings:

1. Building relationships and appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.

It is very important to build relationships with people who use services involve skills listening, together with appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication. It also may be important to use friendly, warm non-verbal behaviour that expresses interest in another person such as: * Making effective eye contact(varied and appropriate contact with another person’s eyes * Smiling-looking friendly rather than frozen or cold in expression * Adopting a relaxed and calm body posture

* Using an appropriate gentle tone of voice
* Using hand movements and gestures that show interest
* Nodding your head slightly while talking to communicate messages such as “I see,’ or ‘I understand’, or ‘I agree”.

It is important to build an understanding of the needs of people we work with in health and social care. Very often, people will make their preferred method of communication obvious. Sometimes a medical or professional social work assessment may needs in order to clarify the person’s needs and their preferred method of communication. All the skills of recognising and overcoming barriers to communicate will be useful to avoid trigger situation, such as aggression.

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