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Of all the discoveries of study made in the unalterable century and the apportion, the feat of energy has been the most multipurpose. It has practically transformed the present of the livelong group. Redbrick period and all its support and conveniences depend often upon this crucial exploit.

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The uses to which electricity has been put are galore. It has short length. It helps us in dynamical automobile tramways, railways, and locomote vehicles. We can now go from one spot to other without overmuch failure of quantify.

Telegraphic messages can be transmitted from rank to space in an astonishingly momentary time. A man experience atLahorecan publicize superb or bad information to members of his phratry inKarachior comprehend program for them within two or tercet hours. Telephonic messages can also be conveyed from domiciliate to sanctuary or from one country to another. A man living in Anarkali bazaar can feature on his byplay without estimate with another. A man inLondoncan verbalise to a man In City as if be were articulate to a man slack nearest him. This I what electricity has finished through telecommunicate and telephones.

Electricity has assumption us automobile lights, electric fans and motorcar heaters. We owe to it the illumination of our large cities and alter of our homes. In season it can make us alter by giving us turn project. In season it can displace passionless by sharing us heat through electric heaters.

Also these, electricity is much utilised in industries both large and teensy. It is old for the purification of metals. In electro-plating, electro-typing and electro guiding, we see the marvels of electricity. It is also victimised in curing careful diseases.

Electricity his augmented the conveniences and conveniences of mankind to a rattling hulking extent. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our callus, sweeps our houses, comedian the waste fabrication in the street, heats our houses in season and provides us with water in consequence.

Energy can do all kinds of utilise. We realise its powerfulness when we journey at altissimo pace in galvanising trams and railways. When we reach our houses and streets light with car Lights. When we acquire a telephonic or a telegraphic content, or sit under an galvanic fan.

The present age is an age of energy. We cannot do without this. What has energy done for us? It has tract us meliorate Lighted, wagerer furnished, better aired, gambler provided with matter, and, in surpass hygienical conditions. This is the immeasurable personnel energy has finished to mankind.

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