Yes, College is Worth the Money

According to College Board, higher earning potential is number one when it comes to benefits of going to college. “The median earnings of bachelor’s degree recipients working full-time year-round in 2008 were $55,700.” (Hardy) A lot of current college students say that college is not worth the money, but they are still in college because they know without some type of degree it is going to be difficult to be financially stable and career ready but along with that they will learn some sort of responsibility. To start off, considering the fact that no one wants to struggle and everyone wants to be financially stable a college degree is required. With a college degree you are not always guaranteed a job as soon as you graduate but when you do get in your career field you will always be paid more than a person who just has a high school diploma. On average, the salary given to a person with a with a four year degree is approximately 45,000 dollars verses a lower income coming from someone with just a high school diploma. Studies show that those holding bachelor’s degree will earn about 2.2million dollars in a lifetime and those with a masters, doctorial and professional degrees will earn about 2.67 million, 3.25million and 3.65 million dollars in a lifetime. So, furthering your education will determine you financial stability. Daughtry2

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Being career ready is very important before going out in to you designated career field. Going to college will help you become career ready both academically, socially and hands on. Of course coming toschool doing book work is a necessity. Also, you are going to have most likely take courses that are not related to your career and as well as the ones that are your focus. But, all of the course you take will help you in the long run somehow or another, even if it looks pointless it’s probably a class to make you look at life differently. For instance, an Elementary Education major’s curriculum guide requires a current student to take African American Studies as a freshmen.

This class has nothing to do with the chosen major but it will show individuals enrolled in this course so many different things they can use when they start their career. Socially, college has been a major help due to the fact that most freshmen are easily intimidated and shy when they begin college. College professors assign group assignments and various other group activities to help them out. Socializing with peers as well as children, who will one day consume most of my time. Hands on, field experience, is actually for an Elementary Education major going to the classroom and talking with students and reading to them etc. Field experience lets you know if this is what you still want to do and if so it allows you to get hands on experience.

In addition, going to college teaches you how to be responsible. For those who have time management issues and problems with procrastination coming to school will show you that if you do not have somewhat of a set schedule you will fail. As a college student you have to learn how to wash your own clothes if you did not already know how, you have to learn how to budget and the biggest thing coming to college you will learn fast is self-discipline. Self-discipline is knowing you have class in the morning so you do not go out with your friends the night before

Daughtry3 because you know you are not going to make it to that eight o’ clock. That’s discipline yourself in college, having this practice will have you responsible enough to go out in the work force.

Often times though, high school students feel as if college is not for them due to the previous struggles, failures and or experiences they have had in high school. “Failure is punished instead of seen as a learning opportunity. We think of college as a stepping-stone to success rather than a means to gain knowledge. College fails to empower us with the skills necessary to become productive members of Today’s global entrepreneurial economy.” (Stephens) His point of view is very understandable and realistic. Agreeing with Dale Stephens, Marty Nemko, says too that college is a waste of time. In an article entitled “We send too many to college”, Nemko practically states that parents are wasting their money by sending their “bottom 40 percentile” child to college because they barely made it out of high school so why would you send them to college. “Even worse, most of those college dropouts leave college having learned little of practical value and with devastated self-esteem… those people rarely leave with a career path likely to lead to more than McWages.” (Nemko) Going against the idea that college is worth the money the two authors have very valid points.

All in all, college is still worth the money and although a lot of current college students say that college is not worth the money, where are they? They are still in college because they know without some type of degree it is going to be difficult to be financially stable and career ready. Coming to college will teach them some responsibilities that they have probably never had to do. College is definitely worth the money. Daughtry 4 Works Cited

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