Your Guilty, Romeo!

If it weren’t for Romeo’s actions, both he and Juliet would have never fallen in love, and never ended up taking their own lives. Romeo is most at fault for his death and the death of Juliet because Romeo should have listened to Friar Lawrence. He should not have fallen in love with Juliet so easily, and he should have respected the feud between the two families and stayed away from the Capulets. Throughout the whole story, Friar Lawrence holds some responsibility for the tragedy of the couple like when he marries the two of them knowing that they have only known each other for a short time. However, his intentions of marrying Romeo and Juliet were to bring the families together and he even warns Romeo that his decision may be too rash when he says, “These violent delights have violent ends.” (2.6, 9) The Friar warns Romeo that his rapidly growing emotional love for Juliet may have a sudden end meaning that maybe he should take the marriage slow; however, Romeo pushes on for the marriage to happen.

This proves Romeo is at fault because he ignored the advice of Friar Lawrence, who is much wiser than him, and knew what was best for both Romeo and Juliet. Romeo falls in love too easily and if he took things slower, he and Juliet would have never married. A few days after Romeo and Juliet meet, Lord and Lady Capulet tell Juliet that she has to marry Paris. If Romeo would not have fallen in love so quickly he and Juliet could have taken things slower, that way when Juliet got the news she had to marry Paris, she would not have went to see Friar Lawrence to get the potion to make her fall asleep, so that her and Romeo could be together. This proves Romeo is responsible because Juliet said she didn’t want to get married unless Romeo truly loved her, and if Romeo said he wanted to slow down, he and Juliet would have never married, and ultimately never commited suicide. Romeo did not respect his family or the feud that his family had with the Capulets.

He should not have gone anywhere near any members of the Capulet family. The Capulets and the Montagues have hated each other for many years prior to Romeo and Juliet meeting. If Romeo would have respected this feud and never attended the Capulet party he would have never met Juliet and they would both have lived out their lives, never having killed themselves. We know this because it is at the Capulet party when Romeo and Juliet meet. We know of the feud between the families because of the fights that occur throughout the book. In conclusion, if Romeo would have listened to Friar Lawrence, did not fall in love so quickly and easily, and had respected his family and their feud with the Capulets, he and Juliet would never have met, never would have fallen in love, and in the end, never would have committed suicide. For these reasons, Romeo is the most responsible for the deaths of both he and Juliet.

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